5 Tibetan Exercises You Should Be Doing Everyday to Stay Youthful & Energized 

 May 11, 2021

By  Gabriela

The Five Tibetan Rites is an ancient system of exercises that were carefully kept by Tibetan monks for hundreds of years. Only the monks and those on a spiritual journey were allowed to practice these exercises.

The good news is that centuries after their emergence, we can now experience all the advantages of these exercises. Some of these advantages include slowing down the aging process, elimination of stress and anxiety, and strengthening of muscles.

These Tibetan exercises were revealed by an ex-British army officer who had the chance to witness how they are performed while he was on a trip in the Himalayas where monks were exercising on a daily basis. The ex-British office is Peter Kelder and he published a book dedicated to these Tibetan exercises.

According to the author of this book, the Five Tibetan Rites have the ability to:

  • Slow down aging
  • Eliminate stress and make practitioners calmer
  • Boost energy
  • Sculpt the body
  • Support mind sharpness
  • Boost the work of the immune and digestive system and blood circulation.

Peter Kelder also included the experience of monk practitioners in his book. They’ve talked about the power and benefits of these exercises with him and how this activity helped them boost their energy.

According to them, the human body comes with seven different centers which we can call Vortexes. They act as a form of magnetic vortexes. These centers are spinning very fast when the body and mind are healthy and when they are slow; this means that the person is ill, old, and/or senile.

These revolving vortexes of activity and energy go beyond the physical existence of healthy persons. However, when the person is weak and old, they cannot even get in touch with the surface.

The fastest and simplest method of bringing back youth, health, and energy is to make these vortexes spin like they used to. Luckily, you can achieve this by practicing five simple exercises. Each of them brings different benefits, but in order to achieve the goal we’ve mentioned before, you should practice all five exercises.

Tibetan Exercises

The following is a list of videos in which you can see how to perform each exercise and what kind of benefits you can expect:

However, you must keep in mind that before you get involved in these activities, especially if you are dealing with back, spine, or neck problems, you must talk to your doctor. In addition, perform these ancient rites slowly and carefully and make sure that you are not feeling pain when exercising. In case you think that they are too hard, you can skip some of them or try to adjust them to your own capabilities.

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