A Few Things that Ruin Your Thyroid Health and One Recipe That Can Fix These Problems




If we take our body as some kind of system, the thyroid gland would be something like a primary control center of this system because it directs energy, manages the way we create protein and manages body reactions and sensitivity to different hormones. All these things affect our overall health and functioning.

The so-called TSH or thyroid stimulating hormone is created in the anterior pituitary gland and is in charge for the hormonal production in general. When doctors analyze the thyroid health, they usually focus on the levels of this hormone. But, it is good to point out that these tests show us only a fraction of the way hormones work.
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A Few Things that Ruin Your Thyroid Health and One Recipe That Can Fix These Problems

It turns out that the work of the thyroid is affected by many different things. What is shocking is that there are 7 things that can be found in almost every modern household that ruin the health of the thyroid.

We live in an environment packed with toxins and we can get rid of them. However, we can lower the chances of experiencing problems with the thyroid if we avoid these toxic things. Another way to protect the thyroid from the negative effects of these toxic substances is to use iodine supplement.

7 Dangerous Toxins in Our Home With Negative Impact on the Thyroid Health

1. Plastics

It seems that plastics don’t present danger only to the environment, but also to the human body and health. For instance, plastic bottles tend to leech one well-known chemical – antimony.

A scientific study performed in Denmark has shown that the amount of antimony in juices that come in plastic bottles is slightly higher than the recommended amount of antimony in tap water. In addition, phthalates and BPA commonly found in plastic bottles are two other ingredients that can disrupt the work of thyroid.

2. Soy

Research has shown that soy protein have the ability to reduce the effects of thyroid peroxidase. Soy comes with a protein known as phytoestrogen which can cause obstruction in the normal thyroid work because it stops the proper secretion of thyroid hormone, stops the proper use of iodine in the body, and prevents the transformation of iodine into thyroid hormones and the transformation of T4 to T3. In addition, we should not forget that soy is GMO.

Finally, scientific studies have confirmed that children who take soy had continuous increases of the levels of TSH compared to kids who took non-soy formulas.

3. Fluoride

According to some statistics, more than 70% of water supply in the United States has fluoride in order to reduce cavities. What is even more interesting is that in the beginning of the last century, fluoride was recommended by doctors to patients who wanted to heal overactive thyroid gland. Given that most people drink tap water, this is probably something that should concern everyone.
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4. Halogens

Halogens are made of chloride and fluoride. People take halogens with their water, food and from the air too. Chlorides and fluoride diminish the effects of thyroid functioning. People who are excessively exposed to halogens can expect problems with iodine carriage. The fact is that even small amounts of these substances can disrupt the work of the thyroid. Halogens also stop the work of iodine receptors in the body.

5. Bromine

Bromine is very harmful when it comes to the thyroid gland. On the other hand, bromine can be found in many things that people use on a daily basis like different kinds of pasta or even in pool cleaners. There are many cases in which healthy individuals experience high levels of bromine. In addition, it is not easy to use items that don’t contain bromine today.

6. Pesticides

According to a recent scientific study, more than 60% of pesticides used frequently have impact on the ability of thyroid gland to produce hormones. This study has shown that week eliminators and anti-fungal pesticides found in vegetables reduce the work of the thyroid and make losing weight much more difficult.
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7. Perchlorates

Percholorates present waste products that come from used fuels from rockets, jets, airbags and fireworks. According to CDC, every individual on our planet has certain amount of percholorate in them because these substances are found in water used for watering veggies and fruits and in drinking water too.

The Centers for Disease Control has also made a scientific study which showed that it is almost impossible to avoid perchloride exposure. However, if you drink organic fruits and veggies and drink filtered water you can avoid most of the negative effects created by this agent.

We will now reveal a completely natural beverage that will help you improve your overall health and eliminate any thyroid problems.

  • A quarter tablespoon of ground ginger
  • A quarter cup of lemon juice (two lemons)
  • ¾ cup of orange juice (three oranges)
  • A half tablespoon of ground cinnamon
  • Seven cups of filtered water
  • One cup of unsweetened, organic cranberry juice
  • A quarter tablespoon of nutmeg.

Heat the water until it starts boiling. After that, pour the cranberry juice in the water. Next, lower the heat and add the nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon. Let the solution simmer for about 20 minutes and stir it occasionally.

When the time passes, leave this solution to cool. Once it reaches room temperature, add the lemon and orange juice. You can also add ice cubes. Enjoy!

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