This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Start Using Himalayan Salt Lamps




The number of households which use Himalayan salt is continuously increasing. This pink salt provides a myriad of benefits when used in the kitchen, from reducing blood pressure to aiding in digestion. However, how can we use Himalayan salt in the other parts of our homes?

This salt, which is hand-harvested from the Himalayan Mountains, is available in a few different forms. Its edible form contains less sodium amounts than the common table salt. Nevertheless, we won’t talk about the edible form of Himalayan salt in this post.This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Start Using Himalayan Salt Lamps

The Effects of Himalayan Salt Lamp

Simple things in nature can revitalize or refresh us, like staying in front of rushing waves at the waterfront, sitting next to a huge waterfall, or feeling the breeze on a warm night.

So why do these natural events and locations provide us with good energy?

It’s because nature produces negative ions.

However, there’s a way we can mimic negative ions within our homes. Himalayan salt lamps have ability to both physically and chemically transform a room, and not only in glow and color but also in its effects and health benefits.

Stay Positive

People are surrounded by positive and negative ions all the time, although we can’t notice the floating of these charged ions in the air. Positive ions are known as ‘electronic smog’ and they are harmful for our mental health and overall wellbeing. They are charged by our smartphones, screen TVs, computers, microwaves, and other electronic wave in the air.

According to World Health Organization, WHO, positive ions are one of the fastest growing influences in the environment, and that we should take health problems caused by them more seriously. Many studies have proved that our brains are exposed to twenty times more frequencies than normally. Those frequencies are related to mental health problems, nerve disorders, insomnia, allergies, and more, although further studies are needed.

To put it briefly, positive ions are not a positive thing. They come from almost everything in the modern lifestyle we lead nowadays, and we need to neutralize them. Luckily for us, there’s a simple method to provide our rooms with neutralized ion effect, and even a negative one.

Negative Ions Are a Positive Thing

Once a molecule obtains a negatively charged electron, it creates a negative ion. The amazing ability that negative ions possess, it to attract and attach to natural pollutants such as mold, dust, and other irritants and allergens, in order to give them a negative charge by neutralizing them to eliminate their harmful properties.

The beneficial negative ions are generally produced in nature, like at the beach, in the forest, and overall near waterfalls. These negative ions are believed to stimulate flow of oxygen to our brain, boosting our energy and mental alertness. However, we can’t just bring waterfalls within our rooms.

Sources of positive ions are easy to find: new TV, microwave popcorn, wireless router, but where can we find sources of negative ions, or neutralizers of positive ions, and bring them in our homes?

It’s simple- Himalayan Salt Lamps!

These salt lamps are dubbed as Vitamins of the Air for a reason. They practically have small bulb in the inside, which give more than just a mere light. They are the source of negative ion surrounding and of its health benefits.

What this bulb does, is heating the crystal and releasing negative ions. In more humid surroundings, the Himalayan salt lamps can even appear wet or damp, because of the hygroscopic properties of the salt (ability to attract water). The water quickly evaporates because of the heat of the lamp, forming negative ions which have a specific mission.

Search and Destroy

You know the saying misery loves company. In that way, the moment negative ions are formed, they want to bind with their counterparts- the positive ions. The negative ions bring their counterparts down, improving our general health. Himalayan salt lamp produces such negative ions that attract extremely positive ions such as mold, bacteria and allergens, resulting in neutralization of the positive ions in your home.

An ionized room will make you feel better, revitalized, and recharged. The theory says that the micro-waves flowing through your home and being will be reduced, resulting in calming your mind and body. Moreover, the pleasant glow that the lamp gives will soothe and relax you.

What Do Himalayan Salt Lamp Do?

  • It ionizes the room
  • It balances and neutralizes unnatural electromagnetic waves and artificial frequencies from electronic devices
  • It gives rainbow-spectrum light waves which sooth and heal your body

Himalayan Salt Lamp Health Benefits

The health benefits of Himalayan salt lamp start as soon as you plug the lamp in and turn it on. This Himalayan salt lamp provides the following health benefits:

The lamp can as well help with skin conditions and allergies, as the air will be cleared out of toxins.

Get a Himalayan salt lamp and place it in the room you spend most time to improve the air quality, induce meditation, feel more relaxed, improve the aforementioned health conditions, as well as to keep your good health.

Keep in mind to place the lamp in a room you and your family spend most of the time, and where there’s many electronic items which fill the air with electronic smog, since these lamps have limited range. So don’t put them in some far dark corner of some room you don’t use too often, or under the couch. Plus, they have an interesting look, so it will easily fit in or stand out in any style.

The rule “the more the better” applies for these lamps, so the best way is to have one in each room, or at least one in your bedroom and your most used room. Or you can put one lamp in your entrance, vestibule, or foyer to feel its effects as soon as you enter your home.

Note: As there are lots of fakes on the market, make sure you buy a lamp produced from real Himalayan salt. Check its origin, as the real ones are produced from food grade, pure Himalayan salt. Any rock salt alternatives won’t give you the same benefits as the real one.

Via NDTV | Healthy and Natural World

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