This is What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Meat and Potatoes Together




Do you usually combine potatoes and meat when you have a meal? In case you are following a vegetarian diet, you will obviously answer NO, but there are millions of people around the globe who will provide a straight YES for an answer.

You have probably heard the expression about someone being a meat and potatoes type of person and this expression is another proof of how common and widely practiced this combination is.

This is a food combination that has never been analyzed much before, but the fact is that eating potatoes/starches and meat together can lead to some serious problems for your health.

So, should you consider staying away from this favorite food combination? If you want to improve your health, then the answer is very clear.

What is The Problem with Meat and Potatoes Combination?

Whilst it is true that the practice of food combining is not yet much explored, it is also true that there is a large number of naturopathic experts who have found some interesting rules and patterns that can improve anyone’s health.

Many of these experts say that a combination of meat like steak and high starch carbs like potatoes is something that we should ignore.

According to Dr. Wayne Pickering, a good friend of fitness celebrity Jack Lalanne, starches need a good alkaline digestive medium in order to digest. However, meat like steaks, for example, needs something completely different – heavy acids. So, in case you were able to place your fist inside your belly while it is processing meat, there is a great chance that you would be left without your hand because the acid is very powerful.

If you eat a combination of starches and meat, your body won’t be able to process them in a proper way. They actually neutralize each other and in case you are not able to digest the food, this food starts to move around your body causing many problems and difficulties.

These problems can include unpleasant gases, heartburn, certain digestive issues, acid reflux, and many other things. What is even worse is the fact that the body will be left without the most important nutrients from the food you’ve consumed.

A Doctor’s Amazing Personal Story

By staying away from the combination of meat and potatoes, Dr. William Howard Hay, the founder of the Hay Diet, has managed to bring back his optimal level of health and lose a significant amount of weight.

He had about 225 pounds and he was also suffering from many different medical conditions like a dilated heart for example.

Practicing the simple and easy diet plan of not consuming proteins like meat with starches has helped him lose more than 50 pounds in just three months and at the same time, his health was significantly improved.

After that, Dr. Hay decided to create the Alt Health Works and we all know how successful this diet is.

So, in case you’ve noticed some of the symptoms we’ve mentioned before or you have recognized some of the problems that Dr. Hay had, it is probably the best idea to avoid eating meat and potatoes together and see the difference.

There is no doubt that health is complex, but sometimes a small change in the diet and in your lifestyle, in general, can do the trick.

Via Alt Health Works

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