10 Real Things You Can Expect After Doing CrossFit for 20 Days




This girl never shares her half­naked photos with everyone on the planet but, now she thought it should do it. Here is the reason.

She has a great habit of working out four or six days a week for years, training and running for marathons, eating healthy, and sweating in yoga classes, but the result is only a glimpse of what she really wanted. Just for a month and she got the desired transformation.

It might sound strange but all she did the last month was owning CrossFit.

She wanted it for so long but, because of the two pregnancies she experienced, the work, and raising her kids, she thought it will never have enough time for it. She always looked for any excuse, but finally got over them and realized that this is something she needs.

On Mother’s Day 2016, she bought herself an On­Ramp course costing $250 for the CrossFit. It is not a fanatic group, just some hard workouts and great community support that were crucial for her to succeed.

Once she completed the course, she tried to do it one month, five days a week, and really dedicate to the workouts. The result is written down below.

  1. Weight down: She had the same weight over the years, and tried to lose a little more of that hidden pounds since they make her look softer. When she stepped on the scale, she never believed the weight she desired and lied for on the driver’s license is already managed. Thanks to CrossFit she lost five pounds and was too surprised to believe.
  2. Less to pinch: However, the scale is not the only thing that changed. An inch from the waist is lost too. You might think it is not a big one, but looking at the photos you can notice the difference. She had belly her entire life, and now she looks how this muffin top is slimming down. Also, the obliques are more defined than before!
  3. Arm definition: She noticed the arm definition by chance when brushing her teeth. The biceps were bulging and she did not notice until some close friends commented. Even when she hugged someone, the arms were stronger. Another thing she noticed was the definition of her back, and many people noticed too.
  4. Toned thighs: She had lean legs inherited by her mother and because of the running, but now, they are even more toned and defined. When she tried leggings, the quad muscles were popping out so she was very happy with them. Thanks to the deadlifts and lunges all this was achieved.
  5. Perkier butt: She inherited the genes of the flat butt from her mom, but while she did the squats, kettlebell swings, and wall balls this changed. Her flat butt was now rounder, lifted, and shapely. A great thing was that the husband noticed this change!
  6. More energy: The mornings were reserved for running from six to seven a.m., and when the afternoon came she already lost her energy. She was too waisted and foggy in the brain. Usually, she would take sugar or chocolate bar because she thought it will bring her energy level up. But, this never helped because it brought more calories and a sugar crush. With CrossFit, this was all gone and when she gets up at 5 a.m., she has the energy to make the classes and even more.
  7. Less hunger: We all think that cardio and heavy lifting will get our stomach craving for food. However, this was not the case since she felt less hungry. She was doing long runs and was really hungry, but now when she goes home, showers, and starts working, she did not felt hungry. Not until 9 a.m., the craving for food started. Even her diet changed and tried to eat more healthily. Therefore, no more wheat and peanut butter.
  8. Varicose veins diminished: The blue varicose vein she had on her left knee, as a result of the pregnancy so she never thought it will disappear. But, after four weeks of CrossFit, the vein was not there. The blood flow which was increased by the cardio exercises worked well. Now, she is more confident and can wear short skirts and shorts.
  9. Stronger overall: Today, she is able to carry three bags from the market to her house and it is not a problem at all. In just one month, her strength is higher and she is capable of dealing with every problem. In an accident at home with her kids, she managed to lift her 80 pounds child without the knees to give out. She already had difficulties with exercises like running or yoga poses so now the CrossFit is just a routine.
  10. Confidence: All we can think of when losing weight is the physical look and when the results are not visible we lose our confidence. She was very pleased when the results were there. Now, she is more happy and full of confident. With CrossFit, she pushed herself harder and harder every day so now she is proud of what she became. Only one month and she is addicted to this fitness program. The results are yet to come!

Via: Pop Sugar

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