16 Surprising Ways to Use Orange Peels to Improve Your Everyday Life and Health




There are thousands of reasons why eating oranges are always a good idea. These juicy fruits are low in calories, abound in vitamin C, offer great nutrition and reduce the risk of many diseases. When eating an orange, make sure you don’t throw out the orange peels because you can use them around the house and they can significantly improve your health.

16 Ways You Can Use Orange Peels

1. Tea: Cut the orange peels into strips and dry them for tea. They are especially good with Earl Gray.

16 Surprising Ways to Use Orange Peels to Improve Your Everyday Life and Health

2. Natural deodorizer: Use the dried orange peels in shoes or clothes drawer and they will serve as a potent natural deodorizer. Put the peels into some bag and place them where you want to provide a clean smell.

3. Combine orange peels, potpourri and other flowers to perfume your room.

4. Orange peels in your bath: the orange peels will extract their essential oils in the water in the same way as in your tea.

5. Body scrub: A combination of coconut oil, raw sugar and grated orange peels is a perfect body scrub which will exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin.

6. Teeth whitening: The orange peel itself can be used for teeth whitening, without the acidic properties of the fruit.

7. Insect repellant: The oil from the orange peel can serve as a potent insect repellent because the pungent flavor remains on the skin for longer and the insect will stay away.

8. Kitchen stains: Orange peels will remove the grease on your stove or some other surfaces.

9. Natural cleaner: A combination of vinegar and orange peels will serve as a powerful cleaning agent in your house.

10. Candy peels: Along the numerous benefits, orange peels can serve as a cute gift for your family or friends.

11. Peel’s zest: You can add the peel zest into various things such as: cereals, toast, pasta, yogurt or salads.

12. Candle: Cut around the orange so that you get two bowl-like shells of peel. The first halve with inner stem can serve as the base for the candle. The stem will serve as a wick and you just have to add some olive or canola oil over it and then light the candle. Cut a hole in the other half and place it over the first part. The hole will serve as a ventilation so that the oxygen can reach the wick.

13. Face mask: Two tablespoons of orange zest mixed with honey can serve as a natural mask for rejuvenation of the skin and acne scars.

14. Prevent nasty odor: Put some orange peels in the trash bag or garbage disposal in order to prevent any nasty odor.

15. Draw moisture: If placed in brown sugar, orange peels can draw the moisture away and provide a freshness of the product for longer.

16. Home Perfume: Put some orange peels into boiling water and your home will smell like oranges for longer.

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