9 Ways to Stop Absorbing Other People’s Negative Emotions




Every person that is close to us radiates certain emotions and in some cases, we tend to absorb their emotions. This is something that we have all witnessed and it happens once in a while. For example, someone close to you feels great, and all of a sudden you start to feel happy too. This is certainly a positive thing. However, there are cases when people are burdened with negative emotions and there is a good chance that you will absorb some of their emotions and start feeling down too.

This is of course quite natural. You should feel happy when someone close to you feels happy. You should feel upset when someone close to you is upset. However, even though this is a natural occurrence, it is always a good idea to find a mechanism that will help you control these reflected emotions.

Stop Absorbing Other People’s Negative Emotions

Now, let’s see what can we do in order to stop absorbing other people’s negative emotions.

1. Detach

This doesn’t mean that you should completely ignore people in your life. It is necessary to be there when they need you, but you need to learn how to detach at some point. Start practicing yoga, meditation, or some other relaxation techniques in order to forget about the outside world and listen to yourself at least for a small period of time every day.

2. Be around positive people

If your partner or friend is being negative for a while, try to get in touch with friends that are more positive about their lives. Don’t forget to listen to the thoughts of positive people. It is even better if you think that you can organize a group of friends who usually have positive thoughts.

3. Control your emotions

If you can’t handle your emotions, you will certainly have a difficult time managing the impact of other people’s emotions. Spend some time thinking about your own emotions. Be proactive and take (almost) full control over your own emotions.

4. Visualize

Many experts suggest practicing visualization. They advise people to imagine some sort of shield whenever they feel that they are emotionally drained or they are having a difficult day. Simply visualize a physical shield or some sort of higher power. In this way, you will prevent the penetration of emotions from the people around you.

5. Focus on yourself

In case you are around people who radiate negative energy, it is a good idea to focus on yourself. Take a few minutes to work on your breathing. Exhale the negative thoughts and inhale the positive thoughts.

6. Don’t spend too much time with certain persons

There are situations in which you will simply need to stop the connection with a person who is all about negativity. You don’t have to terminate this connection forever, but distance yourself for a while.

7. Be positive

Another way to stop absorbing other people’s emotions is to lead by example. Instead of listening to their complaints, be proactive, and involve them in your hobbies. Invite them to dinner where you will invite a lot of positive people. Read happy news and talk about positive events.

8. Eliminate the negative thoughts

According to some experts all the negativity that we feel can be located in the emotional center (at the celiac plexus or solar plexus to be more precise). Put your palm on this area and start thinking about positive things in order to get rid of stress.

9. Take some me-time

Remember that you don’t have to be surrounded by people all the time. It is a good idea to have some me-time and analyze your emotions. In this way, you can eliminate the ones that are leading to trouble.

Via PsychCentral

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