Sleeping In A Cool Room Can Have Unexpected Health Benefits




When you go to bed at night there are not many things that you do before you finally fall asleep. One of these things is pulling up the covers. For many people, this is the last activity they perform before they finally enter the world of dreams.

Sleeping In A Cool Room Can Have Unexpected Health Benefits

This practice is especially easy and simple when it’s cold outside. People just can’t wait to snug beneath the blanket. However, in the summer, when the weather is hot the situation is a little bit different and that’s why the warm blankets are replaced with lightweight sheet. This is quite natural because the temperature inside your home is increased too.

However, don’t be so excited about the hot weather and the warm home. A huge number of people find it difficult to sleep when the temperature is high and several scientific studies have confirmed that sleeping in an environment that is actually cold is beneficial to our health.

As we are all aware, the quality of your sleep is one of the basic things that affect our overall health. That’s why we are presenting one simple hack that will improve your sleep and make you feel fantastic when you wake up in the morning.

The summer is coming and when you notice that the weather is warming up use a fan in the room when you are sleeping. You can also turn the A/C on very low. In case you are already practicing this, you should know that you are making the right thing because sleeping in a cooler environment is very healthy.

In case you don’t sleep like this and you are not satisfied with your sleep, you should definitely try it.

Why is it a Good Idea to Sleep in a Cold Room?

Reason One – Makes you Relaxed and Improves Quality of Sleep

  • Once we finally fall asleep, the body temperature lowers a little bit and the lower the temperature is the more sleep we need.
  • So, sleeping in a room that is relatively cool aids your body’s efforts to lower temperature fast and makes us fall asleep fast.
  • In addition, this practice will force us to use the blanket and the texture and weight of blanket makes us feel secure and safe and increases relaxation.

Reason Two – Boosts Both Physical and Mental Health

  • Many people believe that falling asleep fast and feeling safe when we use a blanket are insignificant things, but they are actually very important for the mental and physical health problems in teenagers, children and adults.
  • Problems with anxiety, fibromyalgia, sleep apnea and many different health problems have been soothed or even eliminated just by lowering the temperature in the place where we are sleeping and using a blanket.

Reason Three – A Cool Environment Can Aid Weight Maintenance

  • There are many people who don’t know that sleep can burn significant amount of calories. Of course, this is only true when it comes to cooler temperature because in this way people can increase metabolic rates.
  • When the body is cold it increases the levels of brown (good) fat. It is exactly this fat that releases heat and eliminates calories and sugars.

Reason Four – Sleeping in a Cooler Room Cools the Head

  • Even though you will probably cover the entire body under the blanket, your body will still have slightly lower temperature because the head will remain uncovered.
  • On the other hand, bedrooms that are hot can produce problems with the breathing and there is a great chance that you will wake up a few times during the night.

Reason Five – You Will Improve Your Appearance

  • It turns out that sleeping is not good only for our energy levels and mood, but it is also good for the appearance.
  • In case you have a deep, good night’s sleep, the body will produce the adequate amount of melatonin.
  • This hormone will improve your mood, but what is even more important is that this hormone also slows down the process of aging.

How to Keep the Temperature Low

Tip One – Set the Correct Temperature

  • Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that sleeping in cool environment (not too cold) is ideal for using this period of the day to the maximum.
  • According to the experts, any temperature between 60 and 67 F is perfect.
  • On the other hand, if the temperature in the bedroom is too high or too low, especially when it is above 75 F or under 54 F, it will ruin your sleep.

Tip Two – Keep the Feet Out

  • We have already mentioned that the head can contribute to body temperature regulation, but if you want to use another mean then you can rely on your feet.
  • In case you feel that it’s too hot under the blanket, you can always remove the blanket at your feet and you will instantly get cooler.

Tip Three – Be Careful With Memory Foam

  • Memory foam is getting quite popular these days. This special synthetic material is able to keep the shape of the head and body and it definitely makes you feel comfortable when you go to bed, but the biggest downside of this material is that it usually keeps the heat.
  • In case you enjoy it during the winter period, you should keep it, but when the summer begins replace the memory foam pillow with a traditional one.

Tip Four – Sleep without Clothes

  • If you have fewer clothes you will retain less heat.
  • In addition, if you have a few layers of clothing you may start feeling uncomfortable when you roll at night and your sleep may be disrupted. If you sleep with less clothing you won’t have problems like this.

Tip Five – Turn the Fan on

  • There is no doubt that sleeping in a cool bedroom is a good idea, but it is also a smart move to open your windows and sleep like that in the summer period. If you use you use A/C you will probably have to keep the windows closed and you won’t be able to hear the pleasant summer atmosphere outside. All you will hear is the system’s buzzing.
  • So, instead of using an A/C, buy a fan and use it in low mode throughout the night. In addition, the quite sound of the fan will actually make you fall asleep faster.
  • In case you’ve got a ceiling fan, don’t hesitate to turn it on.

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