Say Goodbye to Back Pain in Natural Way! Successful In 95% of Cases!




Web MD, also known as lumbago, hexenschuss, and witch stab, is one of the major health problems nowadays.

What Is It?

The spine is consisted of 33 vertebrae (12 thoracic, 7 cervical, 5 sacrum, 5 lumbar, and 4 coccyx), which are connected to many nerves, muscles, ligaments, and blood vessels, holding the body together.

The nerve roots of the arms and legs, and the spinal cord pass through the canal within the spine which allows us an upright posture.

Say Goodbye to Back Pain in Natural Way! Successful In 95% of Cases

Spine has multiple functions so it’s constantly exposed to mechanical action of the load (train, pressure, twisting, bending, shear), which might lead to overuse.

Different parts of the spine have different range of motion.

In that way, the chest part is low mobile, while the neck has very high mobility.

Degenerative changes can be caused by the transition between one to another part of the spine, and they are usually sources of pain.

Risk Category

Hard physical jobs, sedentary jobs, osteoporosis, degenerative process and congenital anomalies of the spine after operations or injuries on the spine are usually causes for low back pain.

Treatment and Prevention

According to researchers, people suffering from back pain can make their lives so much easier with the herb called comfrey that is found on wet fields, meadows, and ditches near the water.

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A research conducted by experts at the German Sports University, included 120 people with lower and upper back pain, to test an ointment containing comfrey root extract. The British Journal of Sports Medina published the results, which showed that people managed to successfully heal their back pain after several days treating with the ointment.

They all rubbed 4 grams of ointment on their backs three times a day for five days. Half of the participants used ointment containing comfrey root extract and half did not. Neither the participants nor the researchers knew which participants were getting comfrey root ointment and which participants were getting the placebo.

They explain that the extract from the rot of this plant is extremely potent and clinically proven to successfully decrease back pain.

Comfrey has been used since the ancient times. It has hairy leaves, and large beet-like root. Former studies have also proved its effectiveness on other types of pain, especially against the pain and dislocation of joints in the knee and osteoarthritis, when used in a gel form.

However, keep in mind that it shouldn’t be taken as supplements and capsules as it can damage the liver.

Also, don’t forget to stay physically active. For example, the supine hamstring stretch is great for relieving back pain.

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