3 Easy Ways To Remove Plaque Without Visiting the Dentist 

 March 5, 2015

By  Gabriela

As you are probably aware plaque, removal is an activity that a dentist can perform without any problems.

But, why leave the comfort of your home and go to the dentist’s office when there are so many natural remedies that can help you maintenance of oral health and eliminate plaque at home?

Natural Remedies to Remove The Plaque

Recipe No.1


  • Water
  • 1 Oz. (30 g) of walnut husks


Place the walnut husks in a bowl and pour some water.

Put the mixture on fire and leave it like that for about 15 minutes.

After that, put your toothbrush in the mixture and soak it.

Brush your teeth for about 5 minutes.

You should perform this procedure three times a day – in the morning, after you are finished with your lunch and in the evening.

TIP: How to whiten your teeth naturally in just 3 minutes.

Recipe No.2


  • 4 cups (1 l) of water
  • 4 tablespoons of linden flower
  • 4 tablespoons of sunflower seeds


Take all the ingredients and place them in a bowl. Pour the water and put the bowl on fire (low fire). Leave the mixture for about 30 minutes. Use a toothbrush soaked in this mixture to brush your teeth after every meal.

Remove Plaque Featured

Recipe No.3

Many people using apple cider vinegar to fight plaque, but this remedy should be used once a week. Simply, soak the toothbrush in apple cider vinegar and brush your teeth. Once you are finished, rinse your mouth with lukewarm water in order to protect the enamel on your teeth.

Source: Medical News Today

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