This Popular Drink Destroys Your Thyroid. Do You Drink It? 

 July 27, 2016

By  Gabriela

A lot of people think that soy milk is much better and healthier than regular milk, as many nutritionists have been recommending it for regular consumption. Unfortunately, this isn’t true.

Recently, it was proven that soy milk can have harmful effect on our overall health, but besides these discoveries, people in U.S. keep drinking soy milk and eating soy, thinking these products are nutritious and healthy.

We give you facts why soy milk can cause chaos in your organism and ruin your health.

 Why You Should Avoid Soy Milk

  • The content of soybeans includes substance that causes clots, called hemagglutinin. The result of this can be clumped red blood cells.
  • Another constituent of this plant is phytoestrogens (plant estrogen), which impedes the endocrine function and has been related to female infertility and breast cancer.
  • Soy foods contain toxic aluminum in abundant amounts, which harms the nervous system and kidneys, and it has been also linked to the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • There’s an abundance of anti-nutrients, natural toxins, in soybeans, and consuming only two glasses of soy milk daily can have adverse effects on the menstrual cycle.
  • The production process involves high temperatures in order to get soy protein isolate and textured soy protein out of delicate soy proteins. These conditions can seriously harm your health.
  • According to studies, soy consumption increases your need of vitamin B12 and vitamin D.
  • Soy is packed with toxic isoflavones. Some of them, like genistein and daidzein can support the growth of breast cancer, so it is particularly dangerous for breast cancer sufferers.
  • Soy is one of the most pesticide contaminated food, so 99 percent of it is GMO.
  • There’s a compound in soy that resembles vitamin B12. However, the body can’t process this compound, and consuming soy food can cause vitamin B12 deficiency.
  • Phytic acid inhibits the digestion of iron, copper, calcium, zinc, and magnesium, and guess what? It is contained in soy and soy products in abundant amounts.

The Dangers of Carrageenan Present in Soy Milk

Many studies have confirmed that the food-grade carrageenan in soy milk is able to cause ulceration, Hopkins Medicine, gastrointestinal inflammation, and lesions in lab rats, and this is quite disturbing.

American Diabetes Association explains that a new research has discovered a connection between insulin and glucose resistance in lab rats and the use of food-grade carrageenan.

The facts in this post are probably enough for you to realize that soy and soy products are extremely dangerous for your overall health.

Therefore, we recommend stop consuming them as soon as possible!

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