No One Ever Told You Onions Could Do These Miraculous Things




You have probably heard that Healthline are used for treating many different ailments.

For instance, onions can help people dealing with chronic vomiting and very often people use them as a natural antibiotic that supports the work of the immune system.

Onions belong to the Allium family and they are loaded with sulfur which is why they are able to provide powerful antiseptic and antibiotic effects.

This vegetable is also packed with antioxidants, especially with quercetin which aids the body’s effort to combat free radicals.

Onion juice has proven to be useful in cases of respiratory issues because it is a highly efficient expectorant.

In addition, onions are very useful when it comes to heart health, arthritis, high cholesterol levels.

They should be use by diabetics because they have high sulfur and flavonoid content.

As previously mentioned, people have used onions for their healing and medicinal properties for centuries.

How to Use Onions and Get The Most from Them

  • Colic – the famous Cherokee Indians have created a recipe that can help colic infants. Take a small quantity of yellow onion (sliced) and boil it in water. Wait until the onion gets cold and drain the content. Give one teaspoon of this onion solution to the infant hourly until you notice that the problem is gone.
  • Dissolve chest congestion – take one onion, place it in some coconut oil and crush it. You should get a paste which should be smeared on the chest. Use a dish towel to cover the chest and put a shirt on top of it.
  • Ear infections and ear pain – take one onion, chop it and place the pieces in a sock (thin sock would be better). After that, tie the stuffed sock. Put the onion sock on top of the affected ear and use a hat to stabilize and hold the sock. Wait until the pain is eliminated.
  • Cough – take a large onion, peel it and slice it in two equal parts. Next, take two tablespoons of brown sugar and use one tablespoon on each half. Wait for one hour before consumption. This remedy should be consumed two times a day to soothe the cough.
  • Cuts – onion has a transparent film that covers the skin. This film can prevent bleeding right away. In addition, it provides antiseptic effects too.
  • Fever – take one onion and slice it in very thin pieces. Massage the bottom of your feet with some coconut oil before you place a thin onion slice on the arches of your feet and use cling wrap to wrap the slices. In addition, put your socks before bedtime and let the onion act during the night. This natural remedy will eliminate the toxins.
  • Purify the air – put pieces of onion in different parts of your home to cleanse the indoor air and protect yourself against bacteria and viruses.
  • Vomiting – Take one yellow or white onion. Put some pressure on the onion to squeeze the juice. Before that, cover the onion with cheesecloth. Prepare a cup of tea with peppermint and wait until it gets cold. Consume two teaspoons of onion juice and wait between 5 and ten minutes before you consume two teaspoons of cold peppermint tea. Once again, wait for 5-10 minutes before drinking onion juice again. Perform this procedure until you feel relief. You should prevent vomiting right away and it will probably take 15-20 minutes to stop the nausea.

A few other ways in which you can use onions:

  • Cut an onion and rub it onto your skin to protect yourself from insects
  • Rub some onion juice on the scalp to boost hair growth
  • Use onion juice to protect your belongings from moths
  • Boil some onion juice and spray it when it is cold on your plants to protect them against bugs
  • Take an onion slice and rub the iron to keep it safe from rusting
  • Use onion slices to polish and cleanse glassware and copper
  • Cut an onion and massage your skin with it to protect yourself against freckling.

Many Native American tribes have relied on this vegetable in cases of flu and colds. The fact is that the Who (World Health Organization) has also recommended the use of onion for bronchitis, coughs, congestion and infections.

Onion remedies have been used for hundreds of years and this is one of the rare vegetables that can heal so many health issues. So, whenever you feel some of the health issues we’ve described in this article use onions.

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