Onion on Your Feet Fights Illness and Purifies Your Blood – THE TRUTH!





Putting a raw onion on your feet can absorb toxins from your body and in that way can take away diseases. The onion on your feet can directly get access to your internal organs in your body.

As we know onions can absorb toxins. Actually, when the day of the Plague happened in England, people would keep onions to clean the air and absorb toxins. This protected them from getting the plague. So do not keep onion in your fridge because it will absorb all the toxins from the fringe air and you will eat the toxins.

Instead of keeping it in a fridge, chop it, put it on a plate and leave it in your kitchen as an air purifier. If someone of your family is ill, put a plate with chopped onion near to the bed and they will be good the next morning.

It is true that onions and garlics are antibacterial and antimicrobial. The skin is the best delivery mechanisms, so the onions and garlics placed on the bottom of the foot will be directly delivered to your internal organs in your body. Transdermal delivery will bypass the stomach acids and go into the blood directly.

The best places where to place essential oils and power foods are the forearm and the bottom of the feet. Slice garlic, and put it on the bottom of your feet. It works well.

The above listed claims have no sense. Onion cannot absorb toxins from your body, it cannot take away diseases and it cannot cleanse your blood. Putting an onion on the bottom of your feet can only make you look silly. Onions do have some health benefits, but you will reap those benefits you should eat the onion.

Onion on Your Feet


1. Joe Schwarcz of McGill University’s Office for Science and Society claims: Some people give it so much trust about the story about the healing properties and damages of onion. This is the most amazing thing about this story. Onion cannot get toxins out of your body! It is not true that onions are magnets for bacteria. There is no food that can attract bacteria.

2. An article on The Chemist’s Kitchen website about the onion’s role as a “bacterial magnet” agrees with the statement of Dr. Joe Schwarcz : Nothing can attract bacteria because of its minimal mobility. Bacteria usually are found in water droplets, like sneezing. It grows in wet places and it is slimy. However, if there was something that could be a bacteria magnet it would be used in medicine for getting bacteria out of the bodies of the ill. And there is no such “bacteria magnet” made of onions.

Therefore, the story that onion putted on the bottom of your feet can connect to your internal organs, absorb bacteria and toxins, heal your diseases and cleanse your blood it has no sense at all. People who believe that onion remedy will work, can feel benefit – but imagined.

3. Another aspect to this story is that people should not eat leftover onion because it Healthline. So, to repeat, onions are not bacterial magnet. They doesn’t absorb toxins from environments, and leftover they will not deliver the bacteria into your body if you eat it. This aspect has no sense as well.

To assume, it is true that onions can benefit your health, and in order to get the benefits you must eat the onion. If you leave it around the room or if you put it on the bottom of your feet it won’t help you at all.


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