One Aspirin per Day Helps Overweight People Fight Cancer




A recent study suggests that taking one aspirin per day could reduce the risk of cancer in people who are dealing with extra pounds.

This latest research conducted by researchers from the University of Leeds and Newcastle University, found that people who are overweight and suffering from the Lynch Syndrome have 50% more chances of developing bowel cancer. This genetic disorder has impact on the genes directly responsible for identifying and fixing damage in human DNA and around 50% the people with Lynch Syndrome will develop cancer.

The good news is that taking an aspirin every day can help people that are overweight to protect themselves.

However, another clinical trial that lasted for one decade has confirmed that the risk can be counteracted by taking aspirin on a regular basis.

This large international study, first published in the reputable Journal of Clinical Oncology, included 43 centres in 16 countries around the world and about 1000 patients with this syndrome.

According to Professor Sir John Burn, a clinical genetics professor at Newcastle University, this is a very important finding for Lynch Syndrome sufferers, but it can be helpful for other people too.

There are many people who deal with extra weight and this study suggests that taking aspirin on a regular basis can reduce cancer risk.

This particular research can serve as a great addition to the research that has taken place so far and this research suggests that the more inflammatory processes there are the greater the risk of developing cancer is.

Obesity is responsible for the rapid increase of the inflammatory response. It seems that the aspirin has the ability to suppress inflammation which means that this rug should be studied more carefully.

This interesting trial was funded by the UK Medical Research Council, Bayer Pharmaceuticals and the European Union and it was monitored by Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

According to professor John Mathers, human nutrition professor at Newcastle University, the conclusion from this research is that we should all try to keep a healthy weight and those who are aware that they are overweight should Your Tango. Since it is quite difficult for some people to achieve this, they can probably rely on aspirin until they find a solution.

One Aspirin a Day Helps Overweight People Fight Cancer

Because of the success of this research, scientists will now conduct a clinical trial on more than 3.000 people around the globe in order to check the effects of different amounts of aspirin.

The trial will be focused on comparing the consumption of two aspirin pills a day with several other lower doses.

Professor Burn says that before someone decides to take aspirin on a daily basis they should definitely seek advice from their doctor because in some cases aspirin can lead to certain stomach disorders like ulcers for example.

However, if individuals come from families that have a history of cancer, then people should calculate the risks and benefits and decide which option is better. Having occasional stomach upsets is definitely a better option than dealing with cancer.

Via Daily Mail

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