No Matter What’s Happening In Your Life Right Now, You Must Read This Short Story!




One normal afternoon one person made a very important decision. Namely, he decided to leave everything behind – he quit his job, he terminated his relationship and even his spirituality. In other words, he was determined to leave this planet. However, before he made the final step, he visited the local forest in order to ask God for his opinion.

No Matter What’s Happening In Your Life Right Now, You Must Read This Short Story!

He asked God whether there is just one simple reason why he should not give u of everything including his life.

God said: “Just take a look at the things around you. Can’t you see the bamboo and the fern?”

After that the man said: “Of course. I remember how I planted the bamboo and fern seeds and how many hours I’ve spent taking care of them – I watered them regularly and I’ve made sure that there is enough light. It didn’t take much time before the fern grew. The beautiful green color was everywhere in this area. However, the bamboo seed remained inactive. Of course, I didn’t stop taking care of it. After two years, the fern was even livelier and more attractive. However, there was no activity in the place where bamboo seeds were planted. Once again, I didn’t stop hoping.”

Then God replied: “I know that you didn’t see the results even after three years. But, you still didn’t give up. After four years, the situation was the same and bamboo seeds didn’t grow above the ground, but you still didn’t give up. In the fifth year things have changed drastically. You have noticed a small sprout on the ground. Of course, the bamboo was still smaller than the fern. However, just half a year later, the bamboo was more than one hundred feet tall. For five years, the bamboo was strengthening its roots. Once the roots were strong enough it started to grow fast. The same goes for me. I am always challenging my creations, but these challenges are not something that they can’t overcome.

After that, God asked another question: “Are you aware of the fact that throughout these years I’ve been watching you and I knew how hard you are working on these plants. You would never give up on the bamboo and I would never give up on you.”

In addition, God told him to stop comparing himself to other people. Just think about it. The fern and the bamboo have different purposes. Of course, they are both important for Mother Nature and they make it look more attractive. God also said that his time will come in the near future.

The man replied: “But, how high should I grow?”

Instead of an answer he received a question “Well, how high a bamboo can rise?”

The man was not sure about this answer, but he said that he believes that it can rise as high it can.

“Well, the same applies for you” – said God.

After this conversation, the man got out of the forest and shared his amazing story with other people in order to spread the message – God never quits on anyone.

We all have tough periods in our lives, but this doesn’t mean that we should quit! Use your faith and the good Lord will help you.

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