New ‘Invisible’ Foam to Ease Psoriasis Skin Condition




A straightforward and easy to use foam that disappears in the skin is the newest tool in medicine’s effort to combat the unpleasant skin condition known as Legit.

This licensed treatment was tested in several clinical studies and doctors have found that more than 50% of individuals have eliminated psoriasis signs and symptoms completely or almost completely after just one month of using this foam on a daily basis.

In the past, tests were made with heavy ointment and this is the reason why many psoriasis sufferers avoided this treatment. This treatment made their clothes stained and their skin very greasy.

This new spray is absorbed by the skin fast and this is definitely something that every patient wants to try.

On top of that, the foam carrier probably made this remedy more efficient.

Psoriasis is a very common chronic skin disease that leads to the formation of crusty, red patches that are often sore and/or itchy. According to some statistics about 2% of the population is dealing with this issue.

The worst part is that these red, unattractive patches are usually found on the most exposed joint area like our elbows and knees, but it is not unusual for them to appear on any part of the body and they come in different sizes and forms.

Many people believe that this is a cosmetic issue, but social stigma and itching are making the problem a lot more complicated.

With the help of this latest treatment known as Enstilar foam people will be able to get rid of this problem easily. Enstilar includes a corticosteroid and vitamin D and it should be used once a day in a period of four weeks.

This foam has ingredients that have direct impact on the main triggers of this skin condition – intense skin cell production and skin inflammation which results in flaky patches.

The two aforementioned ingredients were mixed in one product for the first time. There were some similar efforts in the past, but Enstilar is superior.

The clinical study has shown that 80% of patients have noticed improvement after one month and 50% of them said that the symptoms of psoriasis were completely gone.

Seven out of ten patients said that they have noticed that their quality of sleep is much better because the itchy skin was no longer an issue.

Caroline Roberts (52), mother of two children from the city of Aylesbury, has been dealing with this skin condition since she was 12. She sometimes experienced intense flare-ups that forced her parents to look for professional medical help.

After many years of “masking” this problem, Caroline claims that this new Estilar foam has helped her eliminate psoriasis almost completely.

Caroline says that she has tried a wide range of treatments and most of them are uncomfortable or impractical and they don’t provide the desired effects. This is a treatment that is easy and simple and what is even more important, it’s effective.

She is glad that her elbows and knees are now free of psoriasis and she enjoys her life more than ever. It won’t take much time before she’ll be able to expose her knees and elbows without worrying about the reactions of the people around her.

It is good to point out that there are a few forms of psoriasis and Enstilar is focused on fighting plaque psoriasis or psoriasis vulgaris which is the most common type (80% of patients are dealing with this type of psoriasis).

The good news is that this foam can be now found as a prescription remedy through a dermatologist or a GP in the UK.

Dr. Emma Wedgeworth, a spokeswoman for the British Skin Foundation and a dermatologist, highlighted the fact that in case some treatment is complicated and messy, many patients tend to avoid it. In addition, she said that skin treatments based on steroids can provide only temporary results and they can be used only for a short period of time because they can deliver opposite effects if they are used too long.

However, she warned people that in the vast majority of cases, psoriasis comes as a chronic condition which means that when you stop using the remedy, it is not unusual for the psoriasis to re-appear.

According to John Warne, the head of Psoriasis Help Organization support group, treatment options in the past didn’t promise anything and demanded many sacrifices from the patients. This new treatment is completely different and that’s why he recommends it.
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Via Daily Mail

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