8 Reasons Why You Should Never Dump Old Pickle Juice Down the Drain




Pickle juice is probably not something you’ll think of when trying to find a natural way to improve your health. However, the liquid that’s left in the jar after eating the pickles is an amazing source of antioxidants, electrolytes, and other important nutrients, so you definitely don’t want to throw it away.

What’s more, you can easily include it in your diet, thus obtaining the incredible health benefits it provides. It will improve your overall health and prevent numerous health conditions.

Here are 8 reasons why you shouldn’t dump this juice down the drain.

Pickle Juice Health Benefits

1. Better than Any Sports Drinks

The fact that pickle juice contains sodium at levels that can restore electrolytes is well known among professional athletes and football players, but now it has been finally proven by scientific studies. This juice is even used in emergency rooms to help patients with difficult cardiac.

2. Prevents and Treats Muscle Cramps

It can relieve cramps and restore balance within 85 seconds, as the vinegar and calcium chloride in their content makes the potassium and sodium more readily absorbed by the body. This is why athletes drink pickle juice to treat and prevent muscle cramps.

3. Relieves Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)

Drinking just a few ounces of pickle juice before bedtime has quieted the restless legs of many people. Even though more research is needed to prove the ability of pickle juice, it has been recommended by hundreds of people.

4. Soothes Upset Stomachs

You might be surprised, but drinking pickle juice will give you instant relief from your upset stomach and heartburn. Another option to treat your upset stomach is a combination of honey and vinegar.

5. Prevents Hangovers and Covers Alcohol Odor

That’s right. You can get rid of your alcoholic breath by drinking pickle juice. Moreover, you can also drink it to avoid or recover from a hangover, thanks to its ability to restore the balance of electrolytes.

6. Delivers Antioxidants and Nutrients

You can use pickle juice as a natural way to manage your weight and improve your health since it’s low in calories but high in calcium, vitamin C, and electrolytes. Thanks to its acidic content, it helps nutrients and antioxidants be more readily absorbed in the body.

How to Drink Pickle Juice

Even though you are probably impressed by all these pickle juice benefits, it might be hard to imagine yourself drinking it right from the jar. But, there are other ways to include this healthy juice in your diet without having to bear the unpleasant taste. Here are some of them:

  • Add a couple of ounces of pickle juice into water or the regular recovery shake you drink after a workout,
  • You can add it wherever you imagine adding pickles, like tuna salad, egg salad, and any other place you think it will be a great fit,
  • Adding a few tablespoons of pickle juice to your yogurt is a great way to obtain the benefits without tasting the odd pickle juice flavor,
  • You can also use it as a marinade or combine it with any marinade for your meat, fish, and poultry,
  • Pickle juice can be a great salad dressing due to the vinegar and salt taste.

Are There Any Side Effects of Consuming This Juice?

Consulting your doctor is always a good idea when thinking of changing your diet or supplement. Although there are no serious side effects of drinking pickle juice, it can aggravate certain existing conditions. So, here is when to avoid it:

  • If you are on a low-sodium diet
  • If you suffer from gout or have genetic predispositions to gout since pickle juice can cause uric acid build-up
  • Being acidic in nature, pickle juice doesn’t go well with certain medications. Therefore, if you take any medication, consult your doctor or pharmacist before adding it to your diet. Even if they say it’s ok to consume it, make sure you drink it enough time after taking your medication to ensure they are properly absorbed.

These are the only conditions when you should avoid drinking pickle juice. Otherwise, it’s completely safe.

Note: Avoid brands that contain preservatives and additives.

Two Other Uses

7. Soothes Itchy Skin

Apply a clean washcloth or cotton ball dipped in some pickle juice to treat your irritated skin (for instance from bug bites). However, don’t use it on broken skin.

8. Cares for Your Potted Plants

If you notice the leaves of your shade-loving potted plants turn yellowish, it means their soil’s pH is too alkaline. In such a case, dilute two tablespoons of pickle juice in 2.5 cups of water, and apply this solution to the soil using a spray bottle. Make sure you don’t spray the plant itself, but only the soil.

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