How One Cup of Mushrooms Can Fight Thyroid Imbalances, Cancer and Vitamin D Deficiencies




I love mushrooms like anything! In fact, it is never enough for me and I have to ask for more and more. The best thing is that it is loaded with so many health benefits. I make sure that I have them every day to get these benefits. I have in fact also used mushrooms as my own medication for improving several problems over the years. I would like to share my experience with this wonderful gift from nature and also explore what researchers have to say about it.

Treating Thyroid Gland Balance

A significant percentage of people are now dealing with the problems of the thyroid. They are suffering from hyper or hypothyroid, which adversely affects their health. Our thyroid gland is responsible for the regulation of our metabolism. So these disorders can cause weight problems.

The organ also controls our body temperature and the regeneration of our cells. This plays an essential role in maintaining our youth too.

Mushrooms are considered to be one of the top foods for our thyroid glands’ proper functioning. They are available in different kinds, with the most popular ones being:

  • Enoki;
  • Crimini;
  • Portobello;
  • Oyster;
  • White button;
  • Shiitake.

All these mushrooms contain high levels of essential nutrients including vitamin D, antioxidants, and iodine.

I have come across several clients who took the drug Thyroxin and similar medicines to treat their thyroid. I recommended them mushroom-based solutions and they soon left their medications and their thyroid glands were working in a balanced state.

How Mushrooms Help our Immune System?

It is our immune system that shields our body against various types of diseases and external factors. But if this system becomes too strong and over-active, it can cause many problems including inflammation and allergies. Such a condition leaves you in a fix where you can’t decide how to keep your immune system strong while fighting the inflammation.

The answer to this paradoxical medical situation lies in mushrooms. Mushrooms work by speeding up the secretion of our salivary immunoglobulin A (sIgA). It can help in boosting our immunity while not increasing the inflammatory response.

Research shows that when people took just 1 cup of cooked button mushrooms per day for 7 days, their sIgA levels rose by as much as 50%. What was unique was that the levels remained high even after 7 days of stopping to take mushrooms.

Another group of ingredients found in mushrooms is phytochemicals such as beta-glucan. They are powerful in boosting our immune system.

If you are old or have immune system problems, all you have to do is to take a single cup of mushrooms every day.

How Mushrooms Can also Treat Cancer?

Mushrooms also have powerful cancer-fighting benefits. They contain the following anti-cancer nutrients, which are very difficult to find in the same food:

  • Lectins – They have unique lectins which are great in preventing the growth and division of cancer cells;
  • Enzyme Inhibitors – They also have special enzyme inhibitors for preventing breast cancer;
  • Selenium – Mushrooms also have high concentrations of selenium that help in treating various types of cancers.

According to an analysis report covering 7 research studies, published in 2014 in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, the higher levels of selenium help in reducing the chances of bladder cancer. Taking just 100g of raw crimini will replenish 47% of your body’s recommended daily allowance (RDA) of this trace mineral. Raw white button mushrooms supply 17% and cooked shiitakes supply 45% of your daily RDA.

High Amount of Vitamin D

Do you know that mushrooms contain the highest percentage of vitamin D in the plant kingdom? You could grow your own mushrooms at home. makes sure to give them some sunshine so that their vitamin D levels increase further. Take just 3 mushrooms and you will not have to look for another source of vitamin D. It will replenish your daily need for the vitamin.

I enjoy mushrooms almost every day and make sure that there is a good mix between the varieties. You can also enjoy them fresh, in a burger or cook them. It will help fight cancer, thyroid imbalance, and replenish your body with so many essential and rarely found nutrients.

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