Many Types of Garlic and Their Amazing Effects on Our Overall Health!




Garlic is a commonly used vegetable that is part of the Allium family that belongs to the Lily genus. The species that are very close to each other are young garlic, onions, leeks and a few other types of garlic. This vegetable is raised and used in human diet for many millennia, not just due to the specific aroma and taste, but also because garlic comes with a myriad of medicinal effects.

Many Types of Garlic and Their Amazing Effects on Our Overall Health!

Young Garlic

According to numerous studies, young garlic is packed with vitamin K and vitamin C and these two vitamins are very important for the development of bones.

Namely, vitamin C aids the process of synthesis of collagen that keeps the bones healthy and strong and raises the use of calcium that comes from different foods.

On the other hand, vitamin K has an important role in the process of proper bone density maintenance.

In addition, besides these two important vitamins, garlic is also loaded with vitamin A and as we all know, this vitamin is great for eye vision. Several scientific studies have shown that garlic can keep us safe from inflammation.

This vegetable is an excellent source of sulfur compounds and sulfide compounds that have the ability to lower the chances of developing colon cancer.


Leek is rich in bioflavonoids especially kaempferol. This bioflavonoid keeps people safe from blood vessel damage. Even though it is often ignored, the level of folic acid found in leeks is sufficient to provide protection of our health. Folic acid contains B-complex which keeps the cardiovascular system healthy and preserves adequate homocysteine levels.

This vegetable is also rich in polyphenol and this compound prevents harmful oxidation that can damage the blood vessels.

Brassicaceae or Garlic Mustard

This special type of mustard comes with a greater nutritional value than other types of garlic. It is packed with significant amount of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals compared to regular garlic. Garlic mustard is also loaded with vitamin A and this vitamin acts as a powerful antioxidant for keeping the body safe from lung cancer as well as cancers related to the throat and mouth.

In addition to vitamin A, garlic mustard also has high levels of minerals and electrolytes like phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron and copper.


It turns out that garlic is rich in chromium. This mineral aids the cells response to insulin activity in the blood. Garlic also maintains proper levels of blood sugar in people suffering from diabetes. This vegetable also has sufficient quantity of manganese and vitamin C to speed up the healing of flu and common cold.

Finally, garlic also has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin B and pyridoxine are here to combat neurotic issues.


Just like leeks, onions bring positive effects to the blood and keep people safe from different types of cancer. The extract from this vegetable which is packed with many different sulfides protects us from tumor growth. Onions also possess powerful antibacterial properties.

By following a diet that includes significant amount of onions, people will get a chance to keep their immune system strong and stay away from flu and common colds. In addition, the chances of developing bacterial diseases will kept to a minimum.


Chive has a perfect balance between vitamin C and iron and this is exactly how it helps the body avoid fatigue and exhaustion. This tasty vegetable has the power to protect us from many different diseases and disorders.

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