Major Discovery Cure for Hepatitis C Found in Nature (and why it could cost Big Pharma Millions)




Several years ago, there were articles dedicated to hepatitis A and B vaccines as part of the CDC vaccination program for baby boomers, since there isn’t one for hepatitis C. However, this article will talk about a safe, effective, and cheap natural method for hepatitis C.

The bright idea of the CDC was supposed to avoid a hepatitis C epidemic among baby boomers as many of them experimented with injected drug use, and it was up to 1900 that blood transfusions were made without modern blood screening technology.

Namely, hepatitis C can be transmitted only by blood, and not sex fluids or saliva. However, the notion of a certain virus has been put under critical observation from respected health writers and virologists.

Who Benefited from the Invention of the Germ Theory?

During the period when there was a successful promotion of Louis Pasteur’s theory that there’s a germ for each disease, certain scientists from France claimed that the condition of a person’s psychological “terrain” was to be blamed for attracting the germs (which Pasteur claimed were sources for diseases) and the very disease.

The French scientists’ argument against the germ theory of Louis Pasteur was that stagnant water is known to attract mosquitoes for laying larvae which attract even more mosquitoes in order to infest the area near or around the water. On the contrary, clean water doesn’t cause this.

Although stagnant water is related to illnesses, low pH, or inflamed tissue that creates an ideal environment for the survival of pathogens, mosquitoes don’t make the water stagnant, and so the germs as well don’t provoke the disease.

In 1930, with the help of his invented universal microscope, Royal (“Roy”) Raymond Rive had found the changing form and function of viruses in different stages of diseases tissues.  This proved certain scientists’ infamous concept of viral pleomorphism, which is in fact the changing form and function of viruses according to the condition of diseased tissue.

However, what Big Pharma prefers, is Pasteur’s germ theory as opposed to the “inner terrain” theory. They found the creation of new antibacterial and antiviral drugs much more profitable than improving the inner terrain with lifestyle and diet changes, herbs, and supplements.

The created test for detection of hepatitis C virus relies more on specific markers different than the isolated virus. Are these markers just helping in the creation of a virus that will result in the production of another Big Pharma drug?

To learn more about the controversy of missing Hep-C virus read John Rappopport’s articles.

Nevertheless, the one thing certain is that the new drug is just too expensive, $1000 per pill, although it’s insufficiently tested for safety among the larger public over time. Older hepatitis C drugs were still expensive but not as much as the newest ones. They often caused terrible negative effects, and it was rare when they showed positive results, similar to chemotherapy for the treatment of cancer.

There Is a Safer, More Effective, and Less Expensive Way!

Two decades ago, the highly credentialed academic and physician, Dr. Burton Berkson, MD, from the Integrative Medical Center of New Mexico, has conducted a trial on some patients with hepatitis C who experienced failed pharmaceutical interventions, to the point of almost requiring liver transplants.

In his trial, Dr. Berkson has successfully used supplements with mild exercise, dietary recommendations, and changes in the lifestyle (less anger and stress). However, his human trial was published only in a German publication, since the pharmaceutical business wouldn’t have had profit if the domestic doctors had access to the trial as well.

These are the supplements that were discovered to work by Dr. Berkson, which are currently used in the successful treatment of hepatitis C by Dr. Julian Whitaker:

  • Alpha-lipoic acid increases the level of the detoxifying antioxidant which protects the liver, glutathione.
  • Silymarin is a herbal extract from the milk thistle. It boosts the levels of glutathione, and moreover, it avoids inflammation and stimulates new hepatitis cells production which results in rejuvenation of the liver.
  • Selenium is a trace mineral that slows down the replication of the virus hepatitis C.

Here are the separate daily dosages: 400 mcg of selenium, 900 mg of milk thistle extract (silymarin), and 600 mg of alpha-lipoic acid, taken in divided doses. The patients in the trial ate substantial servings of fresh vegetables and fruit with less meat, and vitamins B, C, and E. There was also a mineral included, which is probably magnesium since there isn’t specific information about it.

The overall annual cost would be probably about $2000, which is significantly lower than that of the conventional pharmaceutical method- $60,000 to $90,000 per year.

Hepatitis C is known as a silent disease since it doesn’t always show symptoms. It can lead to liver cirrhosis and even transplantation of the liver if not cured.

If you have this virus or you have your liver enzymes chronically high, you should consider the supplements that Dr. Berkson discovered to work, and that is currently used by Dr. Whitaker. Moreover, chlorella in large doses, 3-5 gr daily dosage, is said to be an amazing supplement for liver detox.

The usually prescribed advice for liver health is no smoking, little to no alcohol consumption, avoiding consumption of processed food, avoiding prescribed drugs that cause liver side effects and of over the counter drugs which are toxic to the liver (those which contain acetaminophen, such as Tylenol), as well as walking a mile or so, at least 3 times a weak.

Via NIH | Natural News | Scientific American

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