8 Effective Ways to Lower Child’s Fever Without Medication in Less Than 5 Minutes




A fever of your child can lead to stress and many worries in parents. There are numerous studies that have shown that in case your child is healthy, parents should not worry about fever. The reason why fevers occur is simple – to eliminate the presence of some infection that makes the child sick.

In case your child has a high temperature and feels uncomfortable, there are few ways in which you can lower a child’s fever without medication and improve their condition. It is also good to point out that in case the fever lasts for a longer period of time (more than 3 days), you should definitely visit a pediatrician.

How To Lower Child’s Fever Without Medication

1. Potatoes (Grated)

Take a few potatoes and wash them well. After that, grate them and put the mixture in the child’s socks.

2. Water and brandy

First and foremost, take one small glass of brandy and dilute it in one small cup of water. After that, take gauze and soak it with this mixture. Finally, place the gauze in the child’s socks.

3. Cool, washcloth on the forehead

Put a damp, cool washcloth on the forehead of your child while they are taking a nap or resting.

4. A sponge bath or lukewarm tub bath

Your kid needs a good sponge bath or warm (lukewarm) tub bath. When the water starts evaporating from their skin, it will reduce the temperature and make them feel more comfortable. Never use cold water for this purpose. It will only make the child shiver which will eventually lead to a higher temperature.

5. Chilled food and Fluids

Make sure that your child takes more fluids and chilled food including yogurt and ice pops. In this way, you will get internal cooling of the body, and rest assured that their body is hydrated.

6. Using a Fan

Feel free to use a fan. Keep in mind that your kid should not feel cold. Simply put the fan in a low mode and don’t point the fan directly toward your child.

7. Remove the clothing layers

Don’t use multiple layers of clothing on your child because you need to support the natural loss of heat with the help of the skin. Use only one layer of clothing. In case your child starts shivering, cover him or her with a blanket until they feel warm again.

8. Stay in a cool place, indoors

Remain in your home in a cool place. In case your child must go outside, keep them in the shade.

In case your child is not older than 3 months and experiences a fever, you must call the doctor immediately. If you have a baby that is between three and five months old, consult a doctor in case the temperature hits 101 degrees. When the baby is 6-months old, consult a doctor if the fever leads to a temperature of 102 degrees.

Via Keep Your Body

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