This Little-Known Natural Cure for Hepatitis Could Cost Big Pharma Millions!




Not long ago, I wrote and article about how the CDC was considered a vaccination of injecting hepatitis A and hepatitis B vaccines for babies. It is so because there is no vaccine for hepatitis C. After a little research, this article will provide a natural, safe and inexpensive approach.

Hepatitis C is spread through the body only by blood, not by sex fluids or saliva. Under a critical observation of respected virologists and health writers, appeared the notion of a specific virus.

Who Benefited from the Invention of the Germ Theory

By the time Luis Pasteur promoted his theory of germs, one germ for all diseases, French scientists claimed that the health condition of each individual was the most responsible and that condition attracted the germs, rather than the germs were the primary source of that disease.

This Little-Known Natural Cure for Hepatitis Could Cost Big Pharma Millions!

They posed this analogy in contrast to Pasteur’s germ theory: stagnant water attracts more mosquitoes to lay their larvae which produce more mosquitoes to infect the area rather than a clear water.

The stagnant water points out the disease, inflamed, with a low pH value which attracts pathogens and creates an environment they are able to survive. Here, not the mosquitoes make the water stagnant nor the germs caused the disease.

In the 1930s, Royal (Roy) Raymond Rive, through his invented microscope, found out viruses changing in form and function, even as often as six times during various stages of diseased tissues. This established many scientists’ unpopular concept of viral pleomorphism i.e viruses changing in form and function as a result of a state of disease.

Big Pharma theory suggests the one germ theory, blaming it on the “inner struggle”. It is much more productive to make new antiviral and antibacterial drugs rather than to enhance the inner struggle with diet, supplements, herbs, lifestyle changes, etc.

When detecting the Hep-C virus with a provided test, it depends more on certain markers other than the viruses itself. Is a new virus created by those markers, providing a basis for new Big Pharma drug?

What is certain is that “blockbusters” are very expensive, a thousand dollars per pill and have not even been tested for safety among the population. All the other older drugs are not that expensive, but rarely had a positive outcome, causing bad side effects. The same goes with chemo in terms of cancer.

There is a Cheaper, Safer and More Effective Way

Twenty years ago, Dr Burton Berkson,  MD, a highly respected academic and physician, in the Integrative Medical Center in Mexico conducted a trial on patients with Hepatitis C, whose pharmaceutical interventions proved a failure so they were about to liver transplantation.

Dr. Berkson successfully combined dietary, exercise recommendations with lifestyle changes (less stress and anger). His trial was only published in a German publication, unavailable to domestic doctors and a bad for the pharmaceutical business.

These are the supplements for Hep-C cases that DR. Berkson invented and Dr. Julian Whitaker successfully used:

  • Alpha lipoic acid – increases the levels of gluthatione, liver’s protective detoxifying antioxidant.
  • Silymarin – this herbal supplement is derived from milk thistle. It rejuvenates the liver by producing new hepatit cells, fights inflammation and is rich in gluthatione.
  • Selenium – this trace mineral slows the reproduction of the hepatitis C virus.

The acceptable doses taken in divided doses, on daily basis are :

  • * 600mg alpha lipoic adic
  • * 900mg silymarin
  • * 400mcg selenium.

As additional supplement can be used vitamin C, B and E, less meat and more fresh fruit and vegetables. It was magnesium that was probably included, but without much information.

This may cost only  $2000 a year in contrast to $60,000 or $90,000 that the “conventional” pharmaceutical way proposed. If not cured on time, hepatitis C can cause liver cirrhosis and force a liver transplant because of its silent nature and no symptoms.

If you have the same problems with hepatitis C or your liver enzymes are immensely high, you can turn to the supplements that Dr. Berkson discovered and Dr. Whitaker used. One more excellent detox liver supplement is chlorella, if practiced three to five grams daily.

It is also suggested to reduce the alcohol consumption, smoking, the use of processed food, avoid counter drugs containing acetaminophen ( Tylenol) and prescribed drugs that provoke side effect while walking is what is preferred.


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