Complete List of Food Brands Owned by Monsanto (avoid at all costs)




You can probably notice the numerous brand names and flashy packaging while pushing your cart through the many aisles during your weekly grocery shopping. If you’re looking for healthy foods among the many options on the shelves, you will probably go with those labeled as ‘gluten-free’, made with veggies’, or ‘whole grain’ because they sound healthy, right?

But, your trusted “healthy” brands could be Monsanto-owned, and you should stop buying them right now!

Monsanto: Destroying Health Since 1901

Here’s some history of Monsanto in case you’re not familiar with this corporation.

The founder of Monsanto is Francis Queeny, and the corporation dates from 1901. Their first product was saccharin- the infamous chemical sweetener that was sold to the producers of Coca-Cola. In rat research, saccharin has proven to cause cancer. But also, it has been proven to increase the risk of bladder cancer not only in rats but also in humans (1). Being aware of the saccharin poisonous effect, the government tried to sue this corporation, but without a positive outcome. Monsanto won the case and this poisonous chemical sweetener was marketed and thus influencing the consumers.

After the saccharin, came the carcinogenic PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls). They caused developmental, reproductive, and immune disorders for 50 years before finally being banned. Then, the corporation developed the first hybrid seed corn for detergents, soaps, cleaning products, plastics, and synthetic rubbers, all toxic as you have probably expected.

The next thing Monsanto promoted was the cancer-causing aspartame, even after this deadly property was discovered in rat research. It’s like it wasn’t enough for them, so Monsanto created agricultural pesticides with deadly dioxin, poisoning water, and food supplies. Also, the manufacturers “forgot” to mention to the public that the deadly dioxin is part of many of their products, probably because the huge profit has blinded them to Live Love Fruit.

Genetically Engineered and Lethal Farming

Weeds are one major disadvantage in growing successful crops, so Monsanto won’t tolerate them. Wasted produce is a result of bad fields, which in turn leads to lost money, something that Monsanto doesn’t want! So, to prevent this, the corporation invented the herbicide glyphosate, also called Roundup. Not only Roundup eliminate the weeds, but it also destroys the crops. However, since Monsanto is a poison expert, it found a way to save its produce. Their solution was genetically engineering the seeds to resist Roundup, or better said the herbicide glyphosate.

In this way, the weeds die, and the soy, corn, sugar beets, canola, etc. thrive. You probably think that’s great. Well, it is, except that the products are still saturated with the toxic herbicide glyphosate which we end up eating.

The Roundup of Health Problems

It was proven that exposure to glyphosate and Roundup causes the following health conditions:

Here are The Monsanto Brands You Should Avoid

This list includes brands owned by Monsanto, thereby subjected to their genetic engineering practices as well as the above-mentioned diseases.


Via Live Love Fruit | Eco Watch | Real Farmacy

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