Disturbing- Researchers Confirm Cancer Is a Purely Man-Made Disease

According to the researchers from the University of Manchester, U.K., cancer is a man-made, modern disease.

Cancer takes more than 150,000 lives per year only in U.K. According to statistics, one in three people in U.K. will probably get cancer at some point in their life.

Disturbing- Researchers Confirm Cancer Is a Purely Man-Made DiseaseThe conclusion of the researchers came after a long and thorough analysis of fossils, mummies, and classical literature. They stated that cancer is a man-made disease, powered by the excesses of modern lifestyle. Tumors used to be rare before poor diet and pollution became problems.

For instance, the researchers didn’t find any signs of cancer in many of the Egyptian mummies they have analyzed, except for one. Hundreds of Egyptian mummies were analyzed, and their slivers of tissue were rehydrated and watched under the microscope. They succeeded to find just a single case of cancer among all of the mummies.

Past researchers believed that Egyptians didn’t live long enough to get cancer. But nowadays researchers dismiss this argument proving that other age-related diseases like brittle bones and hardening of the arteries did appear during that time.

Scientific literature provides several cases of cancer in animal fossils, which are mostly disputed, so according to the journal Nature Reviews Cancer there’s no solid fossil evidence of cancer. The research of thousands of Neanderthal bones has also showed only a single case of possible cancer.

The ancient Egyptian texts also provide insubstantial evidence of cancer, with cancer-like issues probably being caused by varicose veins and leprosy. It is believed that the first people to identify cancer as a disease and to make a difference between benign and malignant tumors were the ancient Greeks.

The first description of breast and other type of cancer operations date from 17th century. But, reports on distinctive tumors in scientific literature first appeared in the past 200 years. The first report of nasal cancer in snuff users dates from 1761, and that of scrotal cancer in chimney sweeps in 1775.

As Michael Zimmerman, the lead researcher of the study, explains, they should have found a lot of evidence of cancer cases in ancient societies since in that time there wasn’t a proper healthcare. Because of this fact, he concludes that the main causes of cancer are limited only to societies influenced by modern industrialization.

Another important researcher in investigating the cancer cases in mummified bodies, fossil records, and scientific literature is Professor Rosalie David. He explains that cancer is the second cause of death in industrialized societies, right after cardiovascular disease, but in ancient times, this wasn’t the case. In fact it was very rare. Since the nature itself doesn’t cause this deadly disease, it has to be the men that have created it via the pollution, and changed lifestyle and diet.

This study is very important as it provides historical perspective to cancer. Researchers have full overview of the cancer rates in societies, so they can make very clear and precise conclusions about it. Professor David and his colleagues analyzed data from a millennia, including extensive ancient Egyptian data, all of which showed that this disease is fully man-made and one which can, and should be addressed.

The recommendation from researchers is regular physical activity, healthy diet, and keeping a healthy weight. They believe that these 3 simple lifestyle habits can prevent about 1/3 of the most common types of cancer.

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