Ancient Japanese-Fighters Finger Trick to Kill Pain without Medication




To help fight off pain we can learn from the past. Even though there have been many amazing developments in science over the years we cannot forget the thousands of years of history and wisdom gained from these years. The most effective treatments come from the east. We are looking at a remedy coming from the Campbell Country Health. This treatment can help balance out emotions by stimulating a particular part of the hand.

How Jin Shin Jyutsu Works

The theory behind this treatment states that each finger and point on the hand is tied to specific organs of the body. Each of these organs is responsible for a specific emotion. By touching your hands you should be able to control your organs and your emotions.

For example, if you want to reach your bladder you touch the middle finger of the hand and place it around 1 inch (2 cm) from the bottom. If you follow this you should be able to refresh your boy. Be sure to hold the fingers in place for three minutes.

Short Guide to Different Parts of the Body

  • Spleen and stomach- organs
  • Anxiety and depression-emotions
  • Nervousness, stomach pain, headaches, and skin issues – symptoms
Index Finger
  • Bladder and kidney- organs
  • Fear and confusion-emotions
  • Digestive issues, aches, toothaches, back problems- symptoms
Middle Finger
  • Liver, gall-bag- organs
  • Irritability and anger- emotions
  • Migraine, vision trouble, poor blood circulation, tiredness, menstrual pain- symptoms
Ring Finger
  • Colon and lungs- organs
  • Negativity, sadness, and grief- emotions
  • Digestion, asthma, respiratory issues- symptoms

How Does This Work?

For example, if you have a feeling of nervousness you should apply pressure on the ring finger for three minutes. This is worth a try. This is an alternative treatment but has been used for thousands of years.

While there is no scientific backing parts of the body are related. This practice has been around and used for over a thousand years. We know that body parts can affect each other and they produce hormone-driven emotions.

Try this treatment all you need is three minutes. If it works that is a good thing. To make sure you do not have any life-threatening health issues be sure to talk to your doctor.

Alternative treatments should be used in addition to medical treatment. They have not been proven to work in a scientific setting.

Via Campbell Country Health

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