Here Is How To Practice This Old Japanese Self-Relaxation Technique To Reduce Stress And Start Enjoying Your Life!




Did you know that chronic stress is closely related to various emotional and physical disorders? This was supported by various studies, according to which chronic stress is linked to anxiety, depression, vomiting, nausea, stroke, weak immune system, heart attack, high blood pressure, and other serious diseases.

Nowadays, most of us lead hectic and busy lifestyle which drastically increases our stress levels. As a consequence, we have higher risk of numerous health conditions and diseases.

So, if you want to avoid all these stress-related health problems, you’ll have to find a solution to manage your stress as soon as possible.

Here Is How To Practice This Old Japanese Self-Relaxation Technique

There are different ways to reduce your stress, like yoga, meditation, exercise, massage, and even listening to music. However, today we’re going to present you a simple Japanese self-relaxation technique to manage your stress levels quickly and effectively. It’ll take you not more than 5 minutes, but the benefits you’ll get will last much longer.

According to this technique, each finger is connected to specific emotion or feeling. If you know these relations, you can treat and relieve many health conditions, as explained below:

  • The Thumb can help you deal with anxiety and worry
  • The Index finger can help overcome your fears
  • The Middle finger helps control feelings anger and bitterness
  • The Ring finger helps treating melancholy and depression
  • The Little finger helps boost your self-esteem, support optimism and manage stress

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How to Do This Technique

The purpose of this Japanese technique is to balance all opposing energy forces in the body. Hold each finger at a time, and then wrap the next one around it. Hold each finger until you can feel the pulse.

You can fall into a deep state of relaxation if you apply gentle pressure on the center of your palm with the opposite thumb for around a minute.

With the help of this self-relaxation technique, you will not only relax, but also manage your stress and balance your spirit. To learn how to properly practice this Japanese technique, check out the video below:

Via Healthy Food House | David Wolfe | Daily Motion

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