40 Reasons Why You Need Hydrogen Peroxide




(HealthAndLovePage) Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a chemical compound that is used in many households around the globe as an efficient disinfectant. However, only a small number of people know that this compound is unique because it is the only solution which is able to eliminate germs although it consists only of oxygen and water. We are sure that you’ve got a bottle of hydrogen peroxide stored somewhere in your home.

This chemical compound is also used for sanitization of small wounds or to whiten certain items, but these are certainly not the only uses of hydrogen peroxide.

40 Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide

1. Hydrogen peroxide as a hair bleacher

This compound is much gentler than regular household bleachers and this is an excellent method to make your hair color lighter.

2. Disinfection of wounds and cuts

Hydrogen peroxide is a natural antiseptic which is frequently applied on small wounds and cuts in order to prevent infections.

3. Whitening

A combination of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda will result in powerful homemade toothpaste. It will help you remove nicotine stains and whiten your teeth.

40 Reasons Why You Need Hydrogen Peroxide

4. Point out some parts of your hair

If you want to get that special sun-bleached look, use hydrogen peroxide on a dump hair. Leave it for about 15 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.

5. Powerful mouth rinse

Only one cup of hydrogen peroxide can provide better result than many commercial mouth rinse products. Thanks to the anti-septic properties of this compound your mouth will be free of germs and your breath will become fresher than ever.

6. More attractive nails

If your nails are stained or darker than usual, use hydrogen peroxide. It will whiten your nails in a natural way and make them more attractive.

7. Clean your toothbrush

Put your toothbrush in some hydrogen peroxide in order to eliminate germs and bacteria that dwell in the bathroom.

8. Treat boils

If you want to heal boils, pour half a bottle (8 oz) of hydrogen peroxide in a bath water and soak for at least 15 minutes.

You can also use the same amount of hydrogen peroxide and warm water if you want to soak your foot and make them look more attractive.

9. Eliminate acne

Many people use hydrogen peroxide to rinse their face. It eliminates bacteria that lead to acne and improves skin health in general.

10. Avoid swimmer’s ear

Take a small bottle and put equal amounts of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide in it. Use a dropper bottle if possible. After you are finished swimming, place few drops of the solution in each ear. This is a great way to stop infections.

11. Get rid of ear wax

To start with, apply a couple of drops of this chemical compound in each ear. Wait for 2 minutes and after that put the same amount of olive oil. Wait for about 60 seconds and then carefully drain the fluids. In this way you will remove ear wax.

12. Eliminate micro parasites from the skin

If you suspect their presence in some parts of your body apply hydrogen peroxide and the mites and similar parasites will be eliminated.

13. Soothe ear infections

If you want to ease the pain caused by ear infections put 8 drops of this compound in each ear.

14. Heal foot fungus

Take a dark spray bottle and put equal amounts of water and hydrogen peroxide in it. A transparent bottle will reduce the effects. use the mixture on the affected area. Perform this procedure before bedtime.

15. Whiten grout

Make combination of white flour and hydrogen peroxide. You should get a thick paste. Use the paste on the grout and wrap it with a plastic wrap. Leave it during the night and rinse in the morning.

16. Clean every tile surface in the bath and kitchen

Simply spray hydrogen peroxide on the tiles and wipe the dirt and stains.

17. Get rid of tub dirt

Use hydrogen peroxide in the tub in order to remove dirt, soap and shampoo scum and stains. Leave it like that for about half an hour. Rinse thoroughly in order to slacken grime and clean easier.

18. Clean toilet bowls

Pour about half a cup of hydrogen peroxide (depending on the condition) into the toilet bowl. Leave it like that for half an hour. This is the easiest way to remove and clean dirt and stain.

19. Wipe glass surfaces

Use some hydrogen peroxide on glass surfaces and mirrors to loosen dirt, dust and grime. Use a clean cloth to wipe the surface.

20. Take care of the mildew and mold

Spray some of this chemical compound on the surfaces affected by mildew and mold in order to stop the growth of fungi and prevent discoloration.

21. Disinfect and clean cutting boards

Spray some hydrogen peroxide on your cutting boards in order to disinfect them properly. This action will eliminate any germs and bacteria from the food that tends to stay on the board even after proper cleaning.

22. Clean and disinfect countertops

Disinfect and clean bathroom and kitchen countertops by using hydrogen peroxide.

23. Wash vegetables and fruits

Don’t be afraid to use hydrogen peroxide on vegetables and fruits too. Leave them soak for about 2 minutes and rinse thoroughly with water. This is a good way to remove pesticides, dirt and other dangerous particles.

24. Soak dishrags and sponges

Put the sponges and dishrags that need to be cleaned in a bowl filled with hydrogen peroxide and wait for 30 minutes.

25. Refresh your laundry

Take one cup of hydrogen peroxide and add it to the wash water. Leave your clothes in this solution for about 30 minutes. This procedure will refresh your yellowish white clothing.

26. Clean the refrigerator

Spray some of this chemical compound inside your refrigerator. Leave it like that for a couple of minutes and use a clean cloth to wipe the area. This is a great way to eliminate all food remains and completely disinfect the refrigerator.

27. Refresh your smelly clothes

Make a combination of white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Soak your smelly clothes in the solution to eliminate the odor.

28. Clean carpets and rugs

You can use hydrogen peroxide on light rugs and carpets too. In this way you will remove the stains caused by mud, food etc. Keep in mind that this chemical compound has the ability to bleach dark fabrics. You can try the effects on some small covered area of your carpet.

29. Eliminate organic stains

Combine dish detergent and hydrogen peroxide (1:2 ratio). Use it on organic stains like sweat, wine, blood or coffee stains. Once again, don’t forget that hydrogen peroxide can bleach darker fabrics.

30. Clean humidifiers

Pour one pint of hydrogen peroxide in one gallon of plain water. Use the solution in the humidifiers in order to remove mildew and mold that accumulates overtime. You can sue it as a powerful disinfection agent too.

31. Clean and disinfect lunchboxes

Places where food is stored are breeding grounds for many germs and bacteria. Put some hydrogen peroxide in your lunchbox, cooler bags or coolers. After few minute, use clean cloth to wipe the area.

32. Clean your re-usable bag

Spray some of this compound in the re-usable cloth bags. This is a simple way to disinfect, clean and deodorize these bags.

33. Support seed germination

Hydrogen peroxide has the ability to eliminate fungal spores and thus improve germination rates. Simply put the seeds in it and let them soak.

34. Ease your toothache

Rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide two times a day in order to ease a toothache.

35. Sanitize toys

Your kid’s toys need to be perfectly clean all the time because kids use to bite them and use them in every room. Spray some hydrogen peroxide to sanitize your kid’s toys. Leave them like that until they become dry.

36. Improve the effects of your dish washer liquid

Add about 2 ounces of hydrogen peroxide in the bottle of the dishwashing liquid you use so you can increase its power.

37. Clean the aquarium

Pour some hydrogen peroxide inside the aquarium to remove fungi. Fish are resistant to the effects of this chemical compound.

38. Clean your printer

If you notice traces of old ink inside your printer you can use hydrogen peroxide to get rid of the stains.

39. Clean the pans and pots

Use a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to clean your pans and pots. Rub the mixture onto the pot and leave it like that for a while. Rinse and scrub off the solution after that.

40. Enema

You can also use hydrogen peroxide as an enema if you add one tablespoon into one liter of distilled water.


Remember to use this substance with caution especially in case you are using it in higher amounts and concentrations. The liquid can easily evaporate and damage your lungs and skin.

If you are using it your mouth, don’t drink or swallow the mixture.

If you swallow H2O2 by accident you can expect the following symptoms: vomiting, nausea, dizziness and in some cases death.

CAUTION: The following is a shortlist of things that you should take into consideration:

  1. The hydrogen peroxide that you will use must be labeled as food grad at 35%.
  2. It must be diluted with distilled water (10:1 ratio).
  3. It is a good idea to read more about the side effects in order to avoid any unpleasant situations.
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