How To Make Your Own All-Natural Yogurt In 5 Easy Steps 

 November 13, 2015

By  Gabriela

Living a healthy life requires practicing several things including following a proper diet. There are many modern people who forget this and they keep taking unhealthy snacks and junk food.

It takes a small effort to change the snacking routine you are following in order to witness many positive effects in your health.

How To Make Your Own All-Natural Yogurt In 5 Easy Steps

Let’s take yogurt for instance. Yogurt has always been a popular snack and at the same time, this food is rich in proteins which are great for the digestive system and probiotics – compounds that improve immunity.

The good news is that making yogurt on your own is very simple. In addition, you can create yogurts with different tastes and consume them anytime you want.

Probiotics and Yogurt

There are many reasons why we should include yogurt in our daily diet, but the presence of different types of probiotics is one of the most important ones. Probiotics fight off bad bacteria present all over the body. They also eliminate infection and lead to proper digestion.

Yogurt found in local stores is rich in probiotics. But, by spending some time into creating your own yogurt, you can rest assured that the yogurt comes with high-quality, raw milk and that it has the optimal level of probiotics.

The Many Health Benefits of Eating Yogurt

If you decide to create yogurt on your own at home, you can expect to witness many different health benefits. Several scientific studies have confirmed that eating yogurt is very useful and some of the positive effects are the support for the immune system and gastrointestinal system.

If you decide to use yogurt as a snack, you can expect increased intake of probiotics, protein, minerals and vitamin. As you can see, these are essential nutrients that provide even better effects when you create yogurt on your own because you will avoid the use of artificial chemicals and preservatives.

How To Make Homemade Yogurt

As we already mentioned, making your own yogurt is super simple and it won’t make much time before you can enjoy it. This recipe is especially useful for parents because it is crucial to provide food and snacks that don’t contain sugars and other potentially dangerous substances for your children.

Ingredients and equipment:

  • One liter of organic milk (try to use goat’s milk)
  • Two tablespoons of commercial yogurt (choose organic yogurt without added sugars)
  • One bath towel
  • Thermometer for food
  • One ice cube tray
  • 4-liter saucepan
  • One liter-sized mason jar
  • A strong wire whisk
  • An electric heating pad

When you gather all these ingredients, you can start the process. Follow these instructions in order to get tasty, homemade yogurt.

  • Pour the milk in the saucepan and heat it (avoid scorching). Let the milk boil a little bit.
  • After that, place the milk in the mason jar and wait until the temperature drops to 110. Check the temperature with the help of a thermometer.
  • Pour the yogurt in the milk, stir it a little bit and seal the glass jar.
  • Use the heating pad to wrap the glass jar and wrap everything in a towel.
  • Turn on the heating pad and leave the jar for eight to ten hours.
  • After that, slowly remove the glass jar and store in the refrigerator.
  • Leave the yogurt overnight in order to get the texture of regular yogurt. The yogurt will be prepared in the morning. If you want to get special flavor, use some spices or fruit. Do this when you serve the yogurt.

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