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We all know that obesity is becoming a global health issue. For those who didn’t know, obesity is actually an extreme buildup of fat in the human body. By assessing an individual’s BMI or Body Mass Index we can tell whether that individual is obese or not. Those who have a BMI lower than 25 and higher than 18.5 are within normal parameters.

In case you have a BMI that is equal to or higher than 30, you are obese.

If you are wondering what BMI is or how to measure your Body Mass Index follow these steps:

  • BMI equals (Weight in pounds / (Height in inches multiplied by height in inches)) x 703. In case you are measuring your BMI with the help of the metric system then BMI equals weight in kilos / (height in meters) 2
  • Of course, you can also use some BMI calculators found on the Internet.

Obesity is a health issue caused by many different things, but in most cases, people become obese because they are following an unhealthy lifestyle that includes the consumption of processed and refined foods rich in fat, eating too much food, drinking too much, physical inactivity, poor sleep, and few other things.

It is good to mention that hormonal imbalance and genetics also play role in the emergence of this problem.

Obesity should be taken seriously not only because it makes you look less attractive, but also because this problem leads to many other health issues like hypertension, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

It is crucial to start following a healthy lifestyle in order to fight this issue. Additionally, people are encouraged to take some simple and efficient natural remedies that can boost their weight loss plans.

That’s why we have prepared a list of:

10 Best Natural Remedies to Fight Obesity

1. Lemon Juice

According to many naturopaths, this tasty juice is one of the most efficient remedies against obesity. With this juice, you will be able to boost digestion and help the process of detoxification. Proper digestion is one of the basic elements of successful weight loss processes because it provides all the nutrients needed for burning calories and fat in the body.

Lemon juice also aids in the elimination of toxins from the system and these toxins are known as compounds that block or make the metabolism very slow.

  • So, take one teaspoon of raw honey, three teaspoons of lemon juice, and ½ teaspoon of black pepper powder, pour them into one glass of tap water, and mix them well. In case you have fresh black pepper you can use ¼ teaspoon.
  • Consume this mixture in the morning before breakfast.
  • Perform this procedure on a daily basis for 12 weeks.

You can also use a cup of lukewarm water and one teaspoon of lemon juice as an alternative.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Unprocessed, raw apple cider vinegar has also proven to be a great natural remedy in cases of obesity. Even though science still doesn’t have an answer to how this vinegar can help, there is initial research that suggests that apple cider vinegar can keep us safe from obesity.

It has the ability to dissolve fat and in this way, it can protect us from body fat buildup.

  • Take two teaspoons of unrefined, raw apple cider vinegar and pour them into a glass of tap water. Mix the solution well. Take this solution twice a day – before breakfast and before your next meal.
  • In addition, some people consume a glass of tap water combined with one teaspoon of unrefined, raw apple cider vinegar and one teaspoon of lemon juice.

Feel free to use two tablespoons of this vinegar per day. But, don’t use more than this because it can deplete the levels of potassium in the blood after a while and reduce the density of bone minerals in the body.

3. Aloe Vera

Now here’s another beneficial plant used for aiding the weight loss process in obese people because it supports the metabolism, optimizes the consumption of energy, and activates stored fat. Aloe vera is packed with collagen proteins which stimulate the body to use the proteins to the maximum.

Additionally, Aloe vera aids the process of detoxification of the colon and the digestive system in general.

  • Just take two fresh leaves of aloe vera, peel them well, and remove the interior of the pulp.
  • After that, put the content in your blender, but also add one cup of grapefruit juice or orange juice. You can also use water. Blend the mixture for three minutes.
  • Consume this mixture on a daily basis for at least 30 days.

4. Green Tea

You have probably heard that green tea is a great natural product used for weight loss. The experts at Penn State have conducted a scientific study that has shown that EGCG or epigallocatechin-3-gallate, one of the main ingredients of green tea, aids the process of slowing down weight gain.

It does this in an interesting way – by blocking the absorption of fat and rising the ability of the human body to use the remaining fat.

In addition, green tea is loaded with many nutrients including zinc, vitamin C, selenium, carotenoids, chromium, and other essential minerals.

Consume up to four cups of green tea a day to eliminate obesity. Feel free to make a combination of green tea and cayenne pepper or ginger tea because the results will be the same and you may also experience some other health benefits.

5. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne peppers have proven to be an effective natural remedy for those who want to manage obesity and it also supports weight loss. This pepper is packed with capsaicin, a compound that encourages faster burning of fat and increased use of energy.

Additionally, cayenne pepper supports digestion and keeps the appetite at a normal level.

  • Prepare tea from cayenne pepper by covering cayenne pepper placed in a cup with a glass of hot water. In the beginning, use 1/10 teaspoon and increase this amount over time until you reach one teaspoon. Finally, pour some lemon juice (obtained from half a lemon). Consume this healthy tea for 30 days.
  • You can also take two tablespoons of maple syrup and two tablespoons of lemon juice and pour them into 10 oz of tap water. After that, add a small amount of cayenne pepper and mix everything well.
  • Finally, people can use cayenne pepper in almost any meal. They can mix it with mustard seeds, black pepper, and ginger.

6. Curry Leaves

Consumption often fresh, raw leaves of curry on a daily basis before breakfast is a remedy mentioned in the Ayurvedic scripts and used to fight obesity and obesity-caused diabetes. Keep practicing this natural treatment on a regular basis for four months.

Studies have confirmed that the leaves of curry are rich in mahanimbine, a compound that actually represents an alkaloid with strong lipid-reducing and anti-obesity properties. So, curry leaves can help you reduce body weight and lower the levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in the body.

7. Tomatoes

Take 2-3 tomatoes in the morning before breakfast. Don’t forget that you should consume the seeds and peels too because these parts of the tomato are loaded with dietary fiber. These veggies also come with compounds that have the ability to affect the levels of certain hormones that have an impact on the appetite.

In addition, tomatoes are a rich source of vitamins K, C, and A, manganese, magnesium, folate, choline, and a few other nutrients that are great for our health in general.

Finally, these veggies are loaded with antioxidants that keep us safe from different types of cancer.

8. Cabbage

Include boiled or raw cabbage in your diet focused on losing weight. Cabbage comes with tartaric acid and this acid blocks the changing of sugar as well as all other carbs into fat. What is even better is that this vegetable is packed with vitamin C and has only a small amount of calories, but it is rich in water and fiber.

Just like any other cruciferous veggie, cabbage has a lot of phytochemicals that are known for their ability to correct the imbalances in the estrogen metabolism which lead to increased storing of fat and trigger the development of ovarian cancer, breast cancer, and other types of cancer.

Some other cruciferous vegetables that you can use for this purpose are cauliflower, broccoli, Swiss chard, and Brussels sprouts.

9. Fennel

Many experts claim that fennel seeds are helpful when it comes to weight loss because they act as powerful natural diuretics. Natural diuretics make people lose weight fast by lowering water retention in the body. Truth be told, their weight loss effects are just temporary.

  • Grind and roast some fennel seeds and create fennel seed powder. Consume ½ teaspoon of fennel powder two times a day with lukewarm water. Thanks to this natural remedy you will also be able to ease constipation, indigestion, and abdominal gas.
  • Feel free to try drinking fennel tea about 15-20 minutes before each meal.

10. Cinnamon and honey

List cinnamon and honey tea on your daily menu in order to optimize metabolism, boost energy, and cleanse the body. Obviously, each of these processes encourages weight loss. Cinnamon is here to make you control overeating because it combats insulin resistance and on top of that it lowers oxidative stress linked to metabolic syndrome.

On the other hand, raw honey supports fat metabolism and in this way, it combats obesity.

  • Take ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder or cinnamon sticks, place it in a cup, and cover it with hot water. Leave the solution for 30 minutes.
  • After that, pour one teaspoon of unprocessed honey.
  • Consume half of this mixture in the morning before breakfast (30 minutes before breakfast). Keep the remaining content in a fridge and consume it before bedtime.

Besides these natural remedies, it is highly recommended to drink eight glasses of water a day in order to eliminate toxins from the body.

Scientific studies have shown that foods based on plants are able to support people’s efforts to combat obesity due to the fact that they are packed with phytochemicals, compounds that keep us safe from oxidative stress which leads to obesity. Use additional plant-based foods and stay away from refined, processed foods.

In addition, eat more figs, grapes, carrots, peaches, watermelons, and blueberries.

Finally, don’t forget that your breakfast plays a significant role in the process of weight loss. Studies suggest that people who eat more in the morning have greater chances to lose weight compared to those who avoid breakfast and eat more during dinner.

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