This Will Turn Gray Hair Back To Its Natural Color




Gray hair has never been considered a problem in the past. It was always considered part of our natural evolution an inerasable sign of the years that pass. In other words, gray hair is some sort of calendar that people have it on their head. Gray hair was a sign of maturity and wisdom in many cultures.

On the other hand, gray hair today is something undesirable these days because people are obsessed with staying and looking young. That’s why there are so many expensive products on the market offering solution. The truth is that only a small number of these products can help and they are really expensive. The good news is that some natural remedies can really help people that want to get rid of the gray shade of their hair.

People who are consuming wheatgrass on a regular basis have confirmed that they were able to regain the natural color they had. Some of these people were older than 50 years when they started using wheatgrass. What is even more interesting is that the effects of wheatgrass consumption are much more substantial – it seems that this cereal grass is able to ease off the aging process. It helps to get rid of the body toxins, improves the cells work, improves the skin health and even helps fighting tumors.

Gray Hair is More Than a Simple Age Indicator

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the natural process of changing hair color is related to the kidneys health and the quality of your blood. In fact, they believe that gray hair means that a person has certain problems with their blood and kidneys, more than it means that the person is old. This makes sense because there are many young people with gray hair.

Gray Hair

Wheatgrass (taken from the wheat plant triticium aestivum) seems to be the perfect solution again, because it consists of 70% chlorophyll, which has proven to be very beneficial for the health of human blood and kidneys. Chlorophyll is able to provide more oxygen to the cells, organs and tissues. This process of oxygenation improves the quality of blood.

According to the famous nutritionist Dr. Bernard Jensen, wheatgrass, as well as few other green juices, which contain chlorophyll, are one of the best natural foods that can improve the state of your blood. In his most popular book “Health Magic through Chlorophyll from Living Plant Life”, he describes several cases of patients who experienced serious increase in red blood cells only after few days of practicing chlorophyll based water bath. The same goes for wheatgrass consumption.

Wheatgrass Can Make You Beautiful Both Outside and Inside

Besides high amounts of chlorophyll, wheatgrass contains many nutrients like more than 90 mineral, more than a dozen of amino acids, 80 enzymes and 13 vitamins. According to Dr. Earp-Thomas is worth twenty times more than the same amount of lettuce, carrots and celery when we talk about nutrition. Wheatgrass is an excellent detoxifier and it can prevent occurrence of many different diseases.

Gray Hair - Wheatgrass Juice

How can wheatgrass consumption protect you from tumors?

It has been proven many times that cancer cells cannot develop in environment that is rich in oxygen. As we have mentioned before, wheatgrass has the ability to oxygenate the cells. It can also boost the number of red cells in the system, which is another factor that can contribute to the body’s fight against cancer.

What we need to point out is that there are new studies almost every day that confirm the healing and protective properties of many herbs and foods, but people still turn to expensive products produced by the pharmaceutical industry. It is time to change that and get back to the nature’s own remedies because they usually don’t come with any side effects and they are inexpensive.

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