10 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Cellulite in Thighs




According to some surveys, cellulite is present in about 85% of women today and what is interesting is that the size and shape of their body doesn’t play significant role when it comes to frequency.

This cellulite is usually located in the thighs, but it is not unusual to notice cellulite in the stomach, buttocks and legs.

Cellulite consists of moving fat cells that are accumulated under the skin. It is very easy to notice and recognize cellulite because it looks similar to the surface of cottage cheese or orange peel. It can be caused by many different things but genetics, hormones and improper lifestyle are the most common ones.

If you notice cellulite on your body, you must eliminate it as soon as possible because the situation will worsen over time. There are many different methods that can help you slow down the emergence and lower the appearance of this problem.

If you want to control cellulite and eventually get rid of it, check these easy and inexpensive home remedies. We have created a list of the best 10 ways to eliminate cellulite in the thighs.

1. Dry Brushing

We will start with an extremely simple method to get rid of cellulite in this specific part of the body. Even though there are many people who claim that dry brushing has helped them remove cellulite, modern science has still not confirmed its efficiency.

This process boosts blood flow and lymphatic drainage and ultimately eliminates the accumulation of toxins in the body. In addition, many people claim that this improved blood circulation makes the skin look fat and covers the appearance of cellulite. Before you start dry brushing, you must be sure that both the brush and the skin are completely dry.

Slowly brush starting from the feet all the way to the shoulders and pay more attention and time to the areas where cellulite is present. Don’t forget to brush from left to right and brush in the direction of your heart in order to stimulate blood flow.

The whole procedure should last for five minutes. In the end, take a shower to get rid of impurities and dead skin cells. Perform this procedure once a day right before showering. Do it for 2-3 months or until you witness the results. Don’t forget to use a body brush that has natural fibers.

2. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is known for the many health benefits it brings, especially for its ability to burn fat. This special pepper rises the temperature, boosts blood flow and improves the metabolism. In addition, it aids the body’s efforts to eliminate damaged and old skin cells and swap them with healthy and strong ones.

Taking cayenne pepper on a regular basis cn aid toxin elimination from the system and ease the appearance of cellulite especially in the thighs. Take a glass of warm water and pour one teaspoon of ginger (grated), two teaspoons of cayenne pepper powder and lemon juice (from one lemon) and mix everything well. Take this cellulite-removing beverage two times a day for 30 to 60 days.

3. Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds with rough surface can be quite useful when they are used as natural scrub for dead skin cell removal and allowing healthy, new cells to reoccur. In addition, consumption of coffee boosts blood flow.

Take two tablespoons of coconut oil (melted), three tablespoons of sugar and ¼ cup of coffee grounds and mix them well in order to get a paste. Use a small amount of this paste to massage the problematic area for a few minutes.

Apply firm pressure on the skin. In the end, use lukewarm water to wash the area. Practice this procedure three times a week and you should notice the first results after three weeks. If you have paste that is not used, use a glass jar to store it.

In addition, you can also create a wrap with the help of olive oil and coffee grounds. Take half a cup of coffee grounds and pour some virgin olive oil on top of them. Heat them in a microwave for twenty seconds.

Apply this heated mixture on the cellulite and use a plastic wrap to cover it. Wait for half an hour and after that, use lukewarm water to wash it off. Perform this procedure two times a week until you notice the positive results.

4. Juniper Oil

It turns out that juniper oil comes with strong detox properties and it can also lower water retention which means it can reduce cellulite too. Take 15 drops of juniper oil and ¼ cup of olive oil and mix them well. Use the mixture to rub the problematic area for about ten minutes.

Perform this process two times a day for one month and you should be able to break down cellulite.

5. Seaweed

Seaweed acts as an exfoliating agent from the nature. It supports blood flow, gives skin texture better quality and removes dangerous toxins from the body. In other words, seaweed can be useful in elimination of cellulite too.

Take three tablespoons of ground seaweed which can be found in almost any health store, ¼ cup of virgin olive oil and ¼ cup of sea salt and 4-5 drops of any type of essential oil and mix everything well.

Rub the problematic area with this mixture for about ten minutes. When you are done showering, use a moisturizer on your skin. Perform this procedure every day for at least four weeks. Use a mason jar to store the mixture.

In addition, you can make seaweed baths to eliminate cellulite. Just include four sheets of seaweed in the bath tub and will it with lukewarm water. Soak your body for about twenty minutes. Perform this process two times a week for the best results.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can help you with many things including cellulite. It is rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium and these essential minerals can fight off cellulite. They play a vital role in the process of elimination of toxins and preventing water retention in the stomach and thighs.

Indirectly this eases cellulite and bloating. Additionally, apple cider vinegar also aids weight loss and as we all know, less fat equals less cellulite.

So, take apple cider and water to create a mixture (1:2 ratio). You can also add some organic honey if you want. Massage this solution directly on the problematic areas. After that, leave the solution for half an hour and use warm water to wash it off.

Use this natural treatment two times a day until you notice the positive effects.

You can also mix equal amounts of water and apple cider vinegar and massage the area. After that, you can use a plastic wrap to cover this area and place a warm towel on top of it and wait for 60 minutes. In the end, get rid of the towel and wrap and use lukewarm water to clean the area. Perform this treatment one a day until you eliminate cellulite.

Finally, don’t forget that you can create a mixture of two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and one teaspoon of organic honey and take this remedy orally two times a day.

7. Green Clay

Green clay is praised for its ability to trigger better lymph and blood flow, eliminate dead skin cells, absorb and process fats and impurities and restore connective tissues. These properties make green clay ideal for elimination of cellulite.

Take half a cup of green clay and half a cup of seaweed, ¼ cup of lime juice, one tablespoon of raw honey and three tablespoons of hot filtered water and mix them well. You should get a smooth and thick paste. Massage the problematic area with this paste and after that use a plastic wrap to wrap the area. Wait for half an hour and use lukewarm water to clean it.

Practice this natural treatment once a week until you notice the positive results.

8. Salmon

There is no doubt that salmon is packed with antioxidants and these compounds have the ability to break down cellulite by breaking down fat cells. In addition, salmon is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids too which helps people get smoother and softer tissues and skin.

These fatty acids have the ability to suppress appetite and inflammation and restore skin tissues. In this way, they prevent further accumulation of toxins in the body and boost blood circulation. Take four servings of this fish on a weekly basis. In order to get the best results, eat roasted or baked salmon.

9. Tangerine Oil

It was confirmed that tangerine oil aids blood circulation and supports the elimination of fat cells and cellulite. Tangerine oil is an essential oil that supports detoxification too.

Take one tablespoon of olive oil and mix it with five drops of tangerine oil. Massage the problematic area with this natural mixture for about 15 minutes. Once you are done, don’t get your skin exposed to sun for at least 60 minutes. Perform this procedure two times a day for more than 5 weeks to get rid of cellulite.

You can also take this remedy orally to lower cellulite levels and support the metabolism. Just pour three drops of this oil in one glass of warm water. Drink it on a daily basis until you see the positive effects.

10. Drink Water

The cellulite pockets that women can see on their thighs and on other places are packed with toxins and they grow over time. Drinking water regularly is another simple and effective way to get rid of toxins. On top of that, this practice will help our body when it comes to hydration and make your skin smooth and soft.

Take at least 8 glasses of water every day. The first thing you should do in the morning is to take a glass of water. You should do this even before you drink tea or coffee.

In case you are not a great fan of the dull taste of tap water, feel free to add a small amount of raw honey or lemon juice. In addition, try to consume foods that contain more water like leafy green veggies, cucumbers, watermelons etc.

We hope that this advice and these natural remedies will help you eliminate cellulite in your thighs and make you feel more confident the next time when you wear shorts, skirts or swimsuit on the beach.

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