Get a New Body in 28 Days, Exercising Only 1 Exercise 4 Minutes a Day




The challenge is on! Join hundreds of people from all over the world in their quest to get in shape and improve their health.

This exercise called plank is focused on the body’s core and it has proven to be very efficient. What is interesting is that people who are not very active believe that this exercise is too easy and they tend to avoid it.

However, a plank is designed in a way that will burn more fat than other seemingly more difficult exercises like sit-ups and it will make the muscles (both external and internal) found in the core and back stronger. On top of that, you will get stronger muscles in the legs, arms, and buttocks.

If you take a close look you will notice that plank is performed in a position similar to the one found in push-ups which means that the effects are similar too. The muscles are improving their endurance and will become much stronger.

This so-called Plank Challenge was created to last for four weeks and the intensity is growing with each day.

In the beginning, you should remain in this plank position for about 20 seconds and the main objective is to get to 4 minutes of uninterrupted plank. Once you reach the last stage, you will be prepared for more difficult challenges and your muscle mass will become more visible.

In order to be successful, you must perform this exercise in the right way. You need to use your elbows to lift the body and use your toes to lean. While holding this position, your upper body must create a flat line.

If you want to control the body easily and keep this position, you must take a deep breath and rely on the abs. In addition, the head and neck must be kept like a back extension. Simply put the pressure and weight on the feet and elbows and in addition, strain the glutes so you can achieve balance.

Once you understand how to remain in the right position, you just need to perform this exercise for 28 days.

[one_fourth_first]Day 1: 20 seconds
Day 2: 20 seconds
Day 3: 30 seconds
Day 4:  30 seconds
Day 5:  40 seconds
Day 6:  Rest
Day 7:  45 seconds[/one_fourth_first][one_fourth]Day 8:  45 seconds
Day 9:  1 minute
Day 10:  1 minute
Day 11:  1 minute
Day 12:  90 seconds
Day 13:  Rest
Day 14:  90 seconds
[/one_fourth][one_fourth]Day 15:  90 seconds
Day 16:  2 minutes
Day 17:  2 minutes
Day 18:  150 seconds
Day 19:  Rest
Day 20:  150 seconds
Day 21:  150 seconds
[/one_fourth][one_fourth_last]Day 22:  3 minutes
Day 23:  3 minutes
Day 24:  210 seconds
Day 25:  Rest
Day 26:  210 seconds
Day 27:  4 minutes
Day 28:  A.L.A.P.[/one_fourth_last]

There is no doubt that plank is a difficult exercise and you will know that once you start performing it. Even 20 seconds will seem like a long time. In case you have problems with this exercise and you cannot complete this challenge, you should not give up. You can create your own challenge with a different exercise like crunches or sit-ups for example.

Via Muscle and Fitness

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