11 Surprising Foods That Will Never Spoil




Do you often find yourself worried about not checking the expiration date on the food products you’ve just bought, or even worse after you’ve just eaten? Some foods spoil really fast, so you need to be extra careful when purchasing those products.

However, there are some foods that you can buy without looking at their expiration date.

Here are 11 foods and beverages that you can consume without worrying if they have already spoiled.

1. Honey

Honey can never spoil. It might crystallize or change its color, but it’ll still be safe to consume. If your honey has crystallized, open the jar, place it in some warm water and stir until the crystals dissolve. Store it in a cool and dry place, away from the sun, and you can eat it whenever you like.

2. Rice

Your white rice is as good as it was when you’ve first bought it. The box or bag of rice can have thick layers of dust, but what’s inside won’t be affected at all. However, when it comes to brown rice, it can spoil after few weeks due to its higher oil content. Therefore, we recommend purchasing smaller amounts of this rice to avoid this chance.

3. White Vinegar

This type of vinegar is always fresh. It’ll never rotten so you can use it for dressings, salads, or even household cleaning without worrying. Even better, get a huge bottle of vinegar, and you’ll always have it in your home for whatever purpose you need.

4. Real Vanilla Extract

Your real vanilla extracts will always be fresh and flavorful if you keep them in stock. In this way, you can see if you’ve bought a high-quality vanilla extract.

5. Salt

Salt is another product that can’t spoil. This includes any soil, provided that it’s not mixed with even small amounts of water or oil. To use your salt for months, store it in an air-tight container and keep it away from too much heat.

6. Cornstarch

Although your cornstarch can form lumps after a while, it doesn’t mean it’s rotten. Keep it in a dry place, stored it in an air-tight container, and it’ll never turn bad.

7. Sugar

Since sugar doesn’t support bacterial growth, it can’t spoil. However, it’s good to store it in an airtight jar, away from moisture and bugs. Just don’t forget to close the lid as it can attract a line of ants in your kitchen.

8. Hard Liquor

Your hard liquor can stay good for decades as long as you don’t mix it with something else or forget to close the lid well. So, the next time you open a bottle of expensive whiskey, take all the time you need to finish it, even if that means months.

9. Dried Beans

Although it might take more time to soften dried beans in cooking, they will stay fresh and safe to eat for a long period. This is because their lack of moisture makes them unfit for fungus or bacteria growth. Keep them in a dry place, and they will keep their nutritional value.

10. Instant Coffee

To have your expensive instant coffee fresh and flavorful for a long time, keep it in the freezer regardless if it’s sealed or not. Even if you notice some lumps, your coffee is as good as new.

11. Maple Syrup

Keep your maple syrup in the fridge, and you’ll always have good maple syrup for your pancakes.

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