If You Find THIS in A Hotel Room or Public Bathroom, Leave Immediately and Call 911




If there’s a coat hanger like the one presented on the picture in your hotel room or in any public restroom, leave them immediately and call the authorities.

Some perverted criminals are messing with people’s freedom by recording their private moments while staying in a hotel room, or using a dressing room or public bathroom. They swap regular coat hangers with ones that contain miniature cameras.If You Find THIS in A Hotel Room or Public Bathroom, Leave and Call 911The very thought that someone might watch your most private moments is shocking and offensive, but these coat hangers were do found in Kroc, Florida, and Nevada.

They were discovered when a woman accidentally knocked the hanger off the wall and saw that the item had a tiny camera within.

She reported the shocking discovery to the authorities right away, and this is what everyone should do if they find one.

Even worse, these camera coat hangers are easily available and quite cheap with a price of $13. If you just google ‘camera coat hanger’ you will get lots of options to choose from.

But knowledge is power, so knowing about these items will make you cautious when traveling or using public bathrooms, thus protecting your own privacy.

Via True Activist

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