Here’s How Your Farts Will Smell Like Chocolate



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The discharge of gases is not a socially acceptable action, but there are situations, which people simply cannot control. We have all been in a situation like that – our stomach is bloated, we are hearing gases in the stomach and all of a sudden these gases are released without any warning. This can be uncomfortable especially if you are not alone.

There is a reason why people associate France with lots of different scents. In case you didn’t know, France was the first country where fragrant perfumes were used. Some elements of their cuisine are known for the scent like their smelly cheeses and the beautiful wine scent. All these scents were invented or discovered a long time ago.

How Your Farts Will Smell Like Chocolate

However, it seems that France is the place, which will once again bring something useful, at least when it comes to scents. This time we are talking about a pill that makes farts smell like chocolate. This product was invented by Christian Poincheval, 65-year old resident of the village of Gesvres who seems to be interested in inventing products that can help people in a really unusual way (like this beautifully-smelling product).

Poincheval has used the power of the internet and created his own website called where he sells his product. The websites guarantees it is a 100% natural invention homologated by a French laboratory and “You will never be embarrassed from your farts again”.

What is interesting is that this is not the only product created by Poincheval aiming to eliminate the odor of farts. He also has pills that make any fart smell like violets or roses. He didn’t forget the animals too – he created special powder that helps pet reduce the amount of gases they create.

Farts Will Smell Like ChocolateThe story behind his invention is interesting. He got the idea while he was sitting in a restaurant with a group of his friends around 8 years ago. They had some specific meal, which unfortunately caused gases.

According to Poincheval, he and his friends were farting continuously and they were aware of the unpleasant odor they have created. Unfortunately, these gases spread to the room and soon after that everyone were looking at them. He thought – “Your Farts Will Smell Like Chocolate”. This is the right time for action, so he spent some time doing researches.

He realized that vegetarians usually release gases that smell like vegetables and these gases are somehow acceptable. However, when people eat meat the smell is unbearable. That’s why he focused on creating something that will make these and any other fart smell more acceptable.

Pincheval says that these pills will not only make the farts smell like chocolate, but they can also help people ease the pain in their stomach and reduce bloating. The reason behind the efficiency of these pills is in their composition. They contain fennel, vegetable coal, seaweed, bilberry and plant resin and cacao zest.

Many people claim that these pills work excellent while others buy them just for fun as a present for their friends.

Source: Huffington Post

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