Elderly Man with Terminal Cancer Walks Out of Hospice after Treatment with Cannabis Oil




The prosperous business of cancer is an industry worth many trillion dollars, which couldn’t allow a cure to be found, but instead proclaims the poisonous chemotherapy and radiation treatments as the only solutions.

The experts claim that chemotherapy and radiation treatments do not only treat the cancerous cells and leave the healthy ones but significantly prolong the length of life.

These statements are dangerously misleading. What harms your body, cannot help you. Chemotherapy and radiation are cheating treatments, highly poisonous ones presented as medicines. In fact, this cancer treatment just leads to many secondary ones.

According to Dr. Dave Mihalovic, a naturopathic doctor who is specialized in cancer prevention, cancer treatment, and vaccine research, no chemotherapy has ever solved the causes of cancer, nor cured it. Even though it is considered useful and successful, it infers with other physiological functions in the body, causing many side effects.

What lies beneath the surface is that when chemotherapy kills the cancerous cells, it stimulates the healthy cells to produce a tumor growth protein and makes them resistant to the following treatments.

The tumors only show initial success, then regrow rapidly and in the end, are resistant to further treatment.

Stan Rutner and His Story

Stan Rutner is 80 and his wife Barb is 77 years old. They are married for 59 years and have experienced a hard battle with cancer. Stan, a retired dentist diagnosed a non-Hodgkin lymphoma when he was 55 while Barb has fought breast cancer twice.

Stan points out that he couldn’t imagine he had cancer, but he thought it was an ordinary cold. He fought cancer in the standard, aggressive treatment, but it was back again in 1989.

In the meanwhile, she helped his wife, both trying to forget that dark period of life. He believed the fight with cancer was completely over but that was not true. After many years, he faced the terrible news once more in 2011, a situation that was not uncommon for those who undergo some kind of cancer treatment. Now the first symptom was a deep and persistent cough.

He became concerned and arranged to see a doctor. He said that it was an early stage of bronchopneumonia while the doctor pointed out some dark spots on his lungs that need to be analyzed after the pneumonia had cleared. The following tests revealed something he was afraid of, the dark spots were cancerous cells on the lungs. However, that was not it.

His final diagnosis: Stage Four of Lung Cancer with Metastasis to the Brain.

Stan now recalls how the doctor told him the news that broke him. He has diagnosed nothing more serious than cancer with metastasis to the brain.

His Life and Health Were Completely Changed

The chemotherapy and radiation took their tool over Stan. Soon after he started the treatment, he lost some weight, experienced chronic nausea, and fatigue, and was slowly wasting himself.

His wife Barb said that he was very thin and wiped out. He had finished with his radiation to the brain on June 25 while on July 13 he was in the hospital with diagnosed radiation pneumonitis (an inflammation resulting from the radiation therapy).

She was allowed to visit him only three times while he was in the hospital and then he was kept for a week to give oxygen 24/7. After that, he was sent into palliative care. The doctors give him only several weeks to live and ordered him to take refuge in a hospice which he entered in August.

Stan’s family could accept this and they tried some alternative treatments to help him and prevent his death. He tried acupuncture, treatments with Reiki energy, and creative visualization, but all of that was not of great help. This has helped Barb a lot but Stan’s situation was continuing to get worse and there was little time left.

So, this was a perfect moment for Corrine, their daughter, and her husband John, to start searching for cannabis as a possible solution for Stan’s situation.

Barb said that although Corinne and John were interested in the medical properties of marijuana, the rest of them were worried about Stan and because he was wasting away. He was getting thinner, with less appetite and worse nausea. Corinne suggested a cannabis capsule infused with some coconut oil to be used daily.

He started using these capsules in November, first by a third of a capsule and after a week or two he could give up the extra oxygen. Stan accepted to try cannabis, he was aware that there was nothing to be lost and there was only an ability to gain. He emphasized that there should be no hesitation at all, you need to try and succeed.

The Situation Has Turned Round

Just after a couple of weeks, Stan’s condition has improved a lot. He has improved his appetite and sleep, gained some weight, and slowly was becoming stronger. He even started with some exercise classes. There was significant progress in his situation and after several months, Stan wanted to get an MRI to see the progress.

Barbara stated that in January, they received the results from the MRI and an email from Stan’s oncologist. The oncologist has just written: IMPRESSION. Cancer that had metastasized to Stan’s brain was gone and finally, everything was over. It was the help of cannabis that solved the situation.


Stan and Barb at the Corrine’s Wedding Day

Corrine stated that Stan couldn’t imagine that he could do it but he kept on with the cannabis oil without hesitation.

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