THIS Will Happen to Your Body If You Eat Ginger Every Day for a Month




Some of you might have heard that ginger is an ingredient that is frequently used in Indian and other Asian cuisines, but are you aware of the fact that many people have used it for its amazing medicinal properties for hundreds of years?

Ginger was praised for the health benefits it brings for many years and people have used it in cases of pain, nausea and digestive problems. Each part of this plant is useful, but the most valuable part is the underground stem or root often called rhizome. Ginger root can be taken fresh, dried, powdered or even as a juice or oil. In case you are not sure whether you should use ginger in your diet we will give you a few amazing reasons why you should start doing this right now!

1. Ginger Soothes Digestive Problems

Ginger contains phenolic structures that have the ability to soothe irritation that occurs in the GI tract (gastrointestinal tract). These compounds encourage the production of bile and saliva and make the fluids and foods move in every direction of the tract efficiently.

A scientific study that included 24 perfectly healthy persons has shown that including about 1,2 grams of this herb’s powder in the diet and eating this amount prior to their meal helped them speed up the processing of food and lowered indigestion by half.

2. Ginger Soothes Nausea

Consumption of ginger tea or eating raw unsweetened ginger is a safe and efficient natural remedy in cases of nausea and it is especially useful for those who feel nausea due to chemotherapy or morning sickness. An analysis of a dozen of scientific studies where more than 1200 pregnant women were involved has shown that taking between 1 and 1.5 grams of ginger a day drastically lowered nausea.

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3. Ginger Has The Ability to Ease Pain

A scientific study conducted by scientists at the University of Georgia has shown that taking ginger supplements on a daily basis can lower muscle aches by up to 25%. This herb can also ease pain caused by menstruation. Scientists also claim that ginger can efficiently lower the progression of muscle aches.

4. Ginger Eases Inflammation

Many men and women today are suffering from osteoarthritis. This disease leads to deterioration of different joints in the body. As a result of that, sufferers feel sharp pain in the joints and stiffness too. A research that involved about 250 individuals suffering from osteoarthritis of their knees has confirmed that individuals who consumed ginger extract experienced significantly less pain and needed fewer painkillers.

5. Ginger May Have The Ability to Lower The Chances of Developing Heart Disease

A study conducted not while ago where individuals involved in the testing were suffering from type 2 diabetes, has shown that only two grams of ginger powder per day can reduce the levels of blood sugar instantly and to about 10% steady reduction after three months. High levels of blood sugar are one of the main triggers of heart disease. The positive impact of ginger on blood glucose will lead to lower risk of developing heart disease.

6. Ginger Can Reduce Cholesterol Levels

A scientific study that lasted for 45 days and included about 90 people who had high cholesterol levels has confirmed that taking three grams of this herb in the form of a powder every day can lead to drastic lowering in cholesterol levels. Scientists are convinced that ginger can help people reduce cholesterol levels and decrease the risk of experiencing heart disease.7. Ginger May Provide Anti-Cancer Effects

Ginger comes with a specific substance called 6-gingerol. This substance has been included in several studies focused on finding alternative methods of treating different types of cancer. Even though this is just a theory, there is one scientific study that has shown that intake of two grams of extract from ginger per day can radically lower pro-inflammatory molecules used for signaling the body located in the colon.

8. Ginger May be Able to Boost Cognitive Functions

Chronic inflammation and oxidative stress are two processes that can significantly speed up the natural process of aging and they can also contribute to the emergence of Alzheimer’s disease and other similar cognitive disorders and diseases. There are scientific studies that have shown that bioactive structures and antioxidants in ginger can block inflammatory reactions that appear in the human brain.

A scientific study which included about 60 women (aged between 40 and 60) ginger extract intake has proven to be an efficient way to boost reaction response and memory which suggests that ginger can improve brain health.

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