15 Ways Drinking Lemon Water Will Completely Transform Your Health

(HealthAndLovePage) Lemon and water are a dream combination. Drinking lemon water is a simple activity that can improve your life and overall health.

This is a very simple routine that can provide huge positive effects. Let’s point out the most important benefits of drinking lemon water.

Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

1. Stabilizes the body’s pH levels

Although many people are tricked by the fact that we are talking about citrus which means acidic properties, drinking lemon water actually has an alkalizing impact on the system. This property contributes to the prevention of pathogens surviving in the system.

15 Ways Drinking Lemon Water Will Completely Transform Your Health Featured

2. Removes blemishes

Drinking lemon water can improve the functioning of your liver, kidneys and other organs that are working on purification of the body. Both the liver and kidneys are removing the dangerous toxins in a natural way and the more smoothly they work the smoother your skin will be. Lemon water is packed with vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that can help with blemishes.

3. Improves the immune system

Immune cells are made from different substances, but more than 70% of them are made of vitamin C. Our body uses these vitamin C reserves very fast when we are sick. Having good vitamin C levels in the body is recommended even when you are completely healthy.

4. Removes the effects of excessive drinking of alcohol

By drinking lemon water you can prevent the occurrence of hangover symptoms. It will also improve the work of your digestive system. If you drink warm lemon water it can speed up the detoxification process.

5. Contributes to weight loss efforts

Lemon water is a metabolism booster that accelerates and improves digestion. In addition, it can prevent a food craving which is certainly good for any person trying to lose weight.

6. Improves brain function

Lemon water is rich in potassium. Lack of this mineral in the system leads to anxiety, depression, confusion etc.

7. Improves your breath

Drinking lemon juice works as an excellent breath freshener. It is very effective even if you are a passionate smoker. While we are talking about cigarettes, try to quit smoking.

8. Improves the work of your lungs

In case you are dealing with asthma, infections and other disorders affecting your lungs, drinking lemon water might be the answer. This natural remedy has proven to be very effective for many people with problems like these. It can ease or completely remove the pain and symptoms.

9. Takes care of your gut

As you are probably aware, proper water intake is crucial for the work of the digestive system. Lemon water is even helpful because lemon relieves stomach pain and assists the processing of food.

10. Accelerates metabolism

Thanks to the antioxidants found in lemons, drinking lemon water can also accelerate the metabolism and support its fight against free radicals.

15 Ways Drinking Lemon Water Will Completely Transform Your Health

11.Prevents various types of cancer

As previously mentioned lemons are alkaline food and many studies have confirmed that an alkaline environment is not suitable for the development of cancer cells.

12. Regulates blood pressure

Drinking lemon water on a regular basis can reduce high blood pressure by 15%.

13. Assists the dilution of uric acid

If the body doesn’t function properly, uric acid may accumulate in the system and you will soon experience strong pain in the gout and joints. Lemon water assists the proper dilution of uric acid.

14. Fights disorders and infections in the respiratory system

Lemons have strong anti-inflammatory properties and thanks to these properties you can easily fight infections and inflammations that often attack the respiratory system.

15. Improves and maintains your overall health

It is good to know that hydration is one of the key elements of good health. Lemon water can surely contribute to proper hydration and provide the necessary nutrients to the system. That’s why try to develop a routine of squeezing fresh lemons in water and have this drink few times a day.