Drink Coffee to Reverse Liver Damage Caused By Alcohol




Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. In case you are a fan of coffee, you will certainly love this news. People are well-aware of the negative impact of alcohol on all bodily systems, but many of them still drink alcohol in large quantities.

This excessive drinking leads to serious health issues like liver cirrhosis for example. However, drinking other beverages (coffee) has proven to be very useful for combating these negative effects of alcohol.

A scientific study conducted in the UK and published recently has shown that liver damage that comes as a result of alcohol consumption can be eliminated by the consumption of two regular cups of coffee on a daily basis!

The Scientific Study Shows Link Between Coffee Consumption and Liver Health

The study, which was focused on the analysis of information and results obtained from ten other studies conducted previously in which more than 400.000 individuals participated, has found that drinking just two cups of coffee a day can halve the chances of developing liver cirrhosis.

There is no doubt that coffee enthusiasts will find this news attractive. The fact is that thousands of men and women from all over the world die as a result of liver cirrhosis problems. Liver cirrhosis is usually caused by alcohol abuse, but it can also emerge as a result of immune disease, fatty liver disease, and hepatitis infections.

Individual suffering from cirrhosis is at constant risk because this disease can end fatally for them. Additionally, modern medicine has still not discovered a cure for this liver disease.

However, Dr. Oliver Kennedy, who was the leading scientist in this study, says that coffee consumption plays a very important role in lowering the chances of cirrhosis emergence. We should not forget that coffee is accessible, affordable and the vast majority of people can drink this beverage without any problems. This makes the battle against cirrhosis more pleasant and easier.

What Does The Coffee Study Show?

The scientific team was focused on the impact of coffee on cirrhosis in more than 2000 patients. These patients were separated into four groups.

The first group had one cup of coffee a day and they witnessed more than 205% less risk for this disease. The second group consumed two cups of this beverage and lowered the risk by 45%. The third group took three cups and they had a 57% lower risk for cirrhosis. The last group had four cups of coffee a day and they had a 65% decreased risk.

The results they got were compared to individuals who don’t drink coffee at all. Even though this study will change the way we look at coffee, we must be cautious and take a few things into consideration. For instance, there are different types of coffee beans. There are also many different brewing techniques. Finally, we should not forget that the lifestyle of every individual is different.

In the end, let’s mention that another scientific study conducted a few years ago has confirmed that using filtered coffee is a better option compared to boiled coffee at least when it comes to combating liver cirrhosis.

Via The Guardian

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