Courts Quietly Confirm MMR Vaccine Causes Autism




Parents are the most concerned and confused regarding the possible link between vaccines and autism.

They need to know however that the owners of the world’s drug companies are the same as those of America’s news outlets. So, finding propaganda-free information was very hard, until now.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield

The first one who publicized the link between autism and stomach disorders, and later the link between autism, stomach disorders, and MMR (Measles Mumps Rubella) vaccine is Dr. Andrew Wakefield of Austin, Texas. He has been at the center of this long controversy.

His 1996 discovery and 1998 research paper made him a victim of a smear campaign by governments, drug corporations, and media companies throughout the world. Because of Dr. Wakefield’s discovery, he was persecuted and prosecuted until he became unable to legally practice medicine. Instead, he became the Director of the Autism Media Channel, the founder of the Strategic Autism Initiative, and a best-selling author.

Lately, vaccine manufacturers together with governments and courts have quietly hidden the fact that MMR (Measles Mumps Rubella) vaccine probably does cause stomach diseases and autism. Drug companies have paid millions of dollars to the victims in order to compensate them for the damage, as well as to silence them.

Grassroots Outcry

Kathleen was a regular Whiteout Press reader who brought this story to attention. As she says, she’s a mere outside observer, not even a parent or someone directly affected by autism, or a member of some organization. She found out about this while researching a school project. Regardless of the coordinated media black-out, this news spread across the U.S. Kathleen wants the public to get access to this information. She is concerned about the fact that in the state where she is from, Washington, these vaccines are mandatory for school children.

Landmark Rulings

The original concern of Dr. Wakefield that MMR vaccines are linked to stomach disorders and autism, has been confirmed by 2 landmark decisions. The groundbreaking news was published by The Liberty Beacon and other independent outlets, sharing Ryan Mojabi’s story. His parents received hundreds of thousands of dollars in a court ruling as their child had a severe and debilitating injury to his brain caused by MMR vaccinations, a condition diagnoses as ASD, or Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The second court ruling marked another government defeat when a young girl from Houston, Emily Moller, was compensated for her brain injury related to the MMR vaccine, causing autism. There are many other similar cases when the victims of MMR vaccines won compensation in the U.S. and Italian courts for their brain injury, leading to ASD diagnosis. Some of them are Bailey Banks, Hannah Poling, Kienan Freeman, Misty Hyatt, Julia Grimes, and Valentino Bocca.

Although the carrier and reputation of Dr. Wakefield have been destroyed because of his discovery, these stories have vindicated him. A report explains that although there were many worldwide studies that confirmed his thinking that safety MMR studies are inadequate, and the presence of bowel disease in children with autism, his career and reputation were destroyed by false allegations. Nevertheless, he still tries to help solve the catastrophe around autism.

The Liberty Beacon article closes with Dr. Wakefield’s direct quote, where he addresses the independent grassroots outlet, saying that there’s a piece of compelling evidence that children who received MMR vaccine had a brain injury that progressed to autism, although it depends on the body count. Parents are right when they ask the government to stop playing with words while the health of many children is damaged.

Another Attack from Wakefield

As the dangers of the MMR vaccine have slowly become known around the world, parents are refusing to get their children vaccinated. So, the U.K. government accused Dr. Wakefield of the increasing number of measles outbreaks. His public response was published by Politifact, where he explains that after reviewing every pre-licensing study and safety study of the MMR vaccine and other vaccines containing measles before and after being injected into children, he was shocked by the quality of that science which has been repeated by other authoritative sources since.

He was thinking as a parent, what he can do to protect his child. Here’s what happened next. The single measles vaccines at that time were available freely on the NHS (National Health Service). So, if parents were legitimately concerned about MMR safety, they could get the single measles vaccine. However, the U.S. government unilaterally withdrew the single vaccines’ license 6 months later. This deprived parents concerned about the MMR safety of having these vaccines on the National Health Service. In other words, parents were denied the chance to protect their children in a way most fit for them.

Dr. Wakefield revealed he asked Dr. Elizabeth Miller of the Health Protection Agency what is the reason they do this if their primary goal is to protect children from severe infectious disease. Her answer revealed her main concern is not protecting the children, but protecting the MMR program. Namely, if they are to allow the single measles vaccines that will destroy their MMR program.

In his conclusion, Dr. Wakefield says the question about the link between MMR vaccines and autism has been answered not by him, but by the vaccine courts in the U.S. and Italy, where many children have been compensated for being brain-damaged as a result of the MMR vaccine, and other vaccines, which caused autism.

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