The Chinese Anti-Cancer Diet: How This Woman Cured Her Breast Cancer in 6 Weeks Flat




Just after she turned 42, Jane Plant was diagnosed with one of the deadliest diseases – breast cancer. The worst part is that the cancer came and go and when it occurred for the fifth time, doctors told her that she has no more than 2 months left. This was a real shock for Jane a mother of three kids.

However, she didn’t took this diagnosis for granted and together with her husband she decided to spend all the days she has on doing research and finding a way to eliminate cancer.

A Turning Point

Jane Plant and her husband found out that the number of women affected by breast cancer in China is significantly lower compared to the United States. That’s why they have decided to do some research about this region and the only logical answer to this difference was that people in China have a completely different diet. This is when Jane started practicing a classic Chinese Anti-Cancer Diet.

Chinese Anti-Cancer Diet

  • No dairy products;
  • Low animal protein intake;
  • Pulses and nuts;
  • Veggies;
  • Large quantities of fruits.

Just six weeks after Jane started following this diet, the tumor has vanished. Even though Jane was hoping that this will solve her problem forever, the oncologist told her that the tumor will eventually come back.

Now, six years after her oncologist told her this, Jane is still alive and kicking. She appreciates every day in her life and she now truly believes that she has managed to defeat this vicious disease.

It is good to mention that Jane didn’t stop following this diet not only because of her situation, but because the typical Chinese diet is tasty and healthy. It’s been 17 years since Jane was told that she has cancer and she is now completely free of cancer.

Via Mail Online | Shen Nong

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