Children Inherit Intelligence From THIS Parent




The general belief is that children inherit their intelligence from both parents. However, this is not exactly true. They inherit their intelligence only from one parent, and that is, the mother.

An Extensive study suggests that intelligence is passed on through the so-called ‘conditioned genes’ which live in the X chromosome, and women contain 2 such chromosomes.

Intelligence and Conditioned Genes

Depending on which parent-conditioned genes come from, they behave differently. This concept was introduced in 1984 by a group of German researchers and later was further studied by Robert Lehrke. He discovered that the genes from the mother go directly to the cerebral cortex, while those from the father go to the limbic system.

These two brain areas have very different functions. The cerebral cortex deals with intelligence, while the limbic system with mood, instinct, and emotions.

So, when mothers’ genes related to high intelligence are passed on, they will end up in the place they need to be. Men have just one X chromosome, so when they pass on these same genes, they will never get to the designated area.

On the basis of this discovery, today’s psychologists say the best predictor of the intelligence of children is the IQ of their mothers. Throughout human history, intelligence has been ascribed to men, while emotions to women. So, you can see how much ironic is this finding. It actually proves the opposite, as far as genetic development is concerned.


While this discovery gives mothers the right to brag, they shouldn’t get too excited. According to psychologists, genes account for just 40-60 percent of intelligence. So, the rest of the intelligence depends on the parenting styles and environment.

Since the father is part of the parenting style, it means he does contribute to his child’s IQ. What’s more, according to research, fathers have a much greater influence on their children’s intelligence after their birth. It was shown that most children who spend more time with their dads end up with higher intelligence.

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