10 Surprising Cancer Symptoms Women Tend to Ignore




You must learn how to listen to your body when trying to warn you about a certain health problem. This includes paying more attention to changes in your body that are different, strange, or unexplained. This will help you realize if you are suffering from some disease, even a serious one such as cancer. In this way, you can start the necessary treatment early, and when it comes to cancer, beginning the treatment as soon as possible is a runny nose.

In this way, you can start the necessary treatment early, and when it comes to cancer, beginning the treatment as soon as possible is extremely important.

Here are ten early cancer symptoms women often ignore:

1. Breast Dimpling or Discoloration

Pay attention to any unusual change in your breasts, and not just to the appearance of breast lumps. Nipple inverting, dimpling, tenderness, odd skin texture, swelling, and slight skin discoloration to pink or deeper red are other changes that might be cause for concern.

2. Postmenopausal Bleeding

Having period-like bleeding after menopause is not normal, and when consistent it might indicate uterine cancer.

3. Bloating

Even though bloating is quite common in most women during the menstrual cycle, it shouldn’t persist after your period finishes. This might be a warning sign of uterine or ovarian cancer. Another sign of these cancers is constant constipation.

4. Pelvic or Abnormal Pain

There are several things to know regarding your menstrual cycle – the bleeding shouldn’t keep on increasing month after month or appear in between periods. These uncommon conditions, along with severe pelvic pain, might be warning signs of ovarian, uterine, or other vaginal cancer. In such cases, we recommend doing a transvaginal ultrasound.

5. Chronic Coughing

If you have a persistent cough that lasts for 3 or more weeks without having a stuffy or runny nose or any other symptom of a common cold or allergy, it might be a sign of lung cancer.

6. Stomach Pain or Nausea

If your stomach pain lasts for more than a few days without showing any signs of improvement and is accompanied by nausea, it might indicate a stomach ulcer or in rare cases leukemia or liver, esophageal, colorectal, or pancreatic cancer. Therefore, it’s recommended to get yourself checked.

7. Unexplained Weight Loss

If you’ve suddenly lost your appetite and started losing weight without dealing with any problems or experiencing any significant life change, it’s best to visit your doctor. This unexplained weight loss might indicate colon cancer or other digestive cancer, as well as a possibility that cancer has spread to the liver, impacting your appetite and the body’s ability to eliminate waste.

8. Frequent Fevers or Infection

If you start getting sick and have high temperatures too often, and you’re generally a healthy person, it might be warning symptoms of leukemia. This is because leukemia increases the production of white blood cells in your body, slowly weakening your immune system and your body’s infection-fighting abilities.

9. Excessive Bruising

If you notice you’re always with bruises, especially in weird places like on fingers or hands, and there’s no explanation of their appearance, it’s best to visit your doctor as this could indicate MD Anderson.

10. Chronic Headaches

If you start having severe headaches or a migraine every day, and you’re not prone to these conditions, it’s best to visit your doctor and get yourself checked. This might be a warning sign of a brain tumor that presses the nerves, thus causing pain.

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