This Incredible Mixture Will Bring Your Damaged Hair Back to Life, Even if it is Dyed – (Recipe)




The effects of the use of these incredible masks are impressive and what is even more important is that they will last for a long period of time. The mask that we will present in this article is ideal for every hair type and it supports your battle against hair loss. In addition, this mask encourages fast hair growth.

In case you are interested in strengthening, regenerating, and simply bringing your damaged hair back, don’t hesitate to use this mixture based on yeast.

How to Bring Your Damaged Hair Back

Apply these masks directly to your hair twice a week in a period of six to eight weeks. In case you think that there is room for additional improvement, you can use the same procedure for twelve weeks.

If you want to create this mask, just follow these instructions.

First of all, take one teaspoon of warm, regular milk and add one teaspoon of raw honey (you can use sugar instead). After the honey gets dissolved, you should pour about 20 grams of yeast (fresh).

In case you don’t have a fresh one, you can use dry yeast. But, you need to keep in mind that in case you are relying on dry yeast you’ll need less yeast. Seven grams of dry yeast are used as substations for 40 grams of a fresh one.

After that, leave the mixture in a warm and preferably sunny place, in order to support the growth of the mixture for about 20 minutes. Next, take the mask and use it on freshly washed and damp hair. Start by applying the mask on the roots of your hair and go all the way to the ends.

It is okay to use the mixture on unwashed hair too.

In the end, use a nylon bag to wrap the hair and put a warm towel on top of it. It is obvious that these masks rely on warmth because this is the best environment for the progress and expansion of yeast fungi colonies. With their growth, the amount of vitamins, minerals, protein, and other nutrients grows too. In this way, the hair follicles get everything they need to grow.

Via Alt Health Works

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