Are You Even Aware of What You Eat When You Cook in Aluminum Foil?




People often wrap their food with aluminum foil before cooking it. However, did you know that such food prepared with aluminum foil is really dangerous?

Aluminum is a poisonous substance which is why it can harm you as well as your family.

In case this was your cooking method, it’s time to change it!

Aluminum Poisoning

Aluminum exposure can damage our organism with toxins.

Although in most cases the system for detoxification in our body will naturally eliminate the toxins, still there are cases when even the healthiest organism can’t do that. Thus, the aluminum builds up in our body and can result in poisoning with aluminum.

Muscle weakness, bone pain, seizures, and confusion are just some of the symptoms of this type of poisoning. There can be even delayed growth and development in children. Other health issues caused by aluminum poisoning are damages to the nervous system, problems with the respiratory system, anemia etc. Moreover, it might cause loss of memory, balance, coordination, bodily control, and even certain brain conditions like  Alzheimer’s.

According to one study, aluminum exposure on fetuses caused abnormalities and defects.

The chemical engineering researcher Essam Zubaidy from the American University of Sharjah proved that cooking in aluminum foil can “enrich” the meal with 400 mg of aluminum. The leaching increases with the temperature. He advises avoiding aluminum foil when cooking meals with spices, citrus juices, and tomatoes.

Where Can We Find Aluminum?

Aluminum is a metal sustained in the crust of the Earth.

Since it is part of many medicines and the food we consume on a daily basis, our body doesn’t need additional aluminum to function properly. If we take a lot of some prescription medicine or any vitamin we increase the risk of aluminum poisoning.

This metal is sustained in many foods and meals we consume on a regular basis. So, if your cooking method includes wrapping your food in aluminum foil before baking, change it immediately.

Throw away the aluminum foil since it can poison the food you are preparing and thus your body. People exposed to this metal have problem with this kind of poisoning.

How to Prevent Aluminum Poisoning?

  • Although our organism is able to handle small amounts of aluminum, we still recommend avoiding it.
  • Consume foods that don’t include this metal in their content, and replace your aluminum dishes, plates and pots with cast iron cookware.
  • Not wrapping your food with aluminum foil is the best advice we can give.
  • Since many companies use it as a food preservative, make sure you avoid processed and packed foods.
  • Eating fresh and healthy food is essential for anyone’s health.

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