Do You Have To Be Afraid of Asthma When You Make Love?




For asthma patients, most common things are attacks that are caused from different physical activity including heavy breathing. In common practice is best to avoid any activities but in case of relationship conducting love is the source, the root of the attack.

Any activity in intimate relationship is also the source of the attack including heavy breathing. In this sweet moment of time when all is perfect there is a direct symptom of the attack and one of the partners usually is ending the pleasure.

What can we do in this kind of a case?

In the state of trance when everything is spinning out of control, there is few helpful advices and instructions that will guide you and assist you greatly.

Tips for Asthma – Free – Lovemaking

In order to prevent harming your relationship due to problems with asthma we are offering advises that will definitely help:

Asthma - Smelly KissChange your diet. Food and the culture of eating are essential for your health and your romantic endeavors. Normal person will avoid processed foods and any kind of animal food like: meat, milk, eggs and etc. This food belongs in mucus forming foods, and well known fact is that mucus is the prime feature of asthma symptoms.

This is a proven method in many research programs such as “Breath Retraining Program for Asthmatics” developed by the Russian, Dr. Buteyko. Patients with chronic asthma who practice Dr.Buteyko advices were able to quit usage of ventolin inhalers. One of those advices is using mucus binding or non-mucus forming foods which include fruits and vegetables. And be sure that you buy them from green market from organic origin without pesticides.

Asthma - Change The DietThere is an unfounded consciousness that is better to avoid fruits when there is a case of asthma, because fruits cuz larger quantity of mucus forming.

Avoid using liquid’s while you are eating. This is crucial for digestive system which will process the food faster if the saps in the stomach are not mixed with any liquids. The result of mixing is blocking the expansion of the diaphragm which will form tightness around chest area, the lungs by preventing them to do normal functions and cause heavy breathing.

Asthma - No LiquidsYoga can transform your health by restored your natural form. There are a specific poses that are excellent for asthma, basically because they are related to breathing exercises. Most common are: the bow pose, the head to knee pose, shoulder stand poses and  the fish pose.

Asthma - YogaYoga Sun Salutations is truly amazing exercise it will restore the proper breathing as well as bring back the flexible form of the body which is crucial for love making. Also u can try reps of Hindu Squats and Hindu Push-ups. Both of them have remarkable effect on breathing control and practice of the whole body. This will help you save time on walking and other activities because you get the same result. By changing your diet you change your habits.

Asthma - Yoga Sun Salutations

Other Simple Steps for Prevention of Asthma Effects on Your Love Life

  1. Keep your space with clean ventilated air;
  2. Clean dust do not wait for dust deposition;
  3. Avoid radical temperature changes;
  4. Do not make love after eating (this seizure all not only ones with asthma);
  5. Use a humidifier in when the air is dry.

By using and practice these simple instructions, at the long run (after a period of time) you will feel the health will restore it to its natural state and you will be able to eliminate or limit the asthma problems and making love will be better than ever.

I hope that steps above will bring you more happy and steady relationships. Breath free, enjoy every moment and make love!

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