What Will Happen if You Drink This Incredible Almond Milk and Green Tea Combo?



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Drinking warm tea is a ritual performed by millions of people around the globe every morning. People drink tea with some additions like sugar or honey while some of them like the tea “raw”. Furthermore, since there are many different types of tea, some of them like black tea, some prefer green tea while there are people who enjoy fruit teas the most.

One of the main reasons why people drink tea is the fact that they are aware of the benefits that tea brings, but only a small number of them know how beneficial green tea can be. Besides that, rarely anyone knows that there is a special diet based on this tea which also includes almond milk as one of the main beverages in it.

This diet enjoys popularity among people whose main goal is to keep their current weight or to lose some extra pounds. This tasty combination of almond milk and green tea can suppress appetite and hunger and it also helps the body get rid of the toxins.

With the help of this diet, you can expect to lose between 1 – 4 lb. (0.5 – 2 kg) in only one day. However, you should know that this diet is limited and you can use it for only one day. You can schedule a maximum of two days per month.

Avoid it in cases of gallbladder and kidney diseases, lactose intolerance, and low blood pressure. In case you are suffering from any chronic disease you should seek advice from your doctor.

Almond Milk and Green Tea Recipe

In order to prepare this recipe, you need 6 cups (1.5 l) of almond milk and two tablespoons of organic green tea. You can find green tea like that in your local health food store. Avoid using tea bags because they have limited effects.

Boil the almond milk and wait until it cools down to about 70 degrees. Make sure that the milk is still hot and not just warm before you add the two tablespoons of green tea.

Cover the bowl and leave it like that for about 20 minutes. Consume one cup of the mixture every two hours. Almond milk and green tea are complementary because almond milk reduces the effects of caffeine while green tea helps the body digest almond milk easily.

Between these two hours, you should consume purified water that doesn’t contain carbonates. Don’t forget to drink at least two liters of water a day because this mixture causes frequent urination and you will have to maintain the level of fluids in your body.

This interesting drink will suppress your appetite and you won’t feel the need to eat anything during the day. Keep in mind that you can do this only twice a month.

Source: Japanese Green Tea

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