Alkalize Your Body and Fight Disease with THESE 10 Foods!




If you want to live your life to the maximum, then you have to find balance. People must find balance between their family and their friends. In addition, this balancing extends to work and free time and of course, balancing between healthy foods and treats. Finally, balance is crucial for the pH levels of our body and these levels directly affect our health.

Alkalize Your Body and Fight Disease with THESE 10 Foods!

Alkaline Diet Explained

In the same way as you are checking the pH level in the pool in order to see if everything is fine, the human body must keep pH level balanced in order to remain healthy. Whenever people consume foods that lead to higher acidity, their bodies are trying to find balance by letting minerals with high alkaline value in the blood. These minerals include magnesium, phosphorus and calcium.

So, in case you are not consuming sufficient amount of alkaline-boosting foods, your body will start using these minerals from your organs, teeth and bones and as a result of this you will start to feel exhausted and you will weaken your immune system. In other words, you will become more prone to diseases and health problems.

Some of the foods that increase acidity in the body include meats, beans, almost all grains, fish, dairy products, junk, processed and fast foods.

A well-balanced diet is a diet that consists of 60 to 80% alkaline-boosting foods and 20-40% foods that contribute to acidity. So, it is the best idea to start following such diet right away, so you can keep the immune system and mineral content at optimal levels.

1. Bananas

Consumption of bananas that are not ripe can result in constipation, improper absorption of nutrients and acidity in the body. That’s why you need to consume only ripe bananas. Find bananas with few small dark spots in order to get high amounts of minerals, vitamins and improve alkalinity.

2. Avocados

There is no doubt that avocados are tasty, but what makes them even better fir the alkaline diet is the fact that they come with a 8.0 pH value which means that they contribute to alkalinity of the body and counter the negative effects of acidic foods that we consume. Use avocados in your sandwich or toast, use them in fruit salads or eat them raw.

3. Almonds

Almond as well as almond milk are great additions to your diet when it comes to alkalinity. With their help you will be able to stabilize cholesterol levels, boost cognitive function, support proper digestion and keep the pH balance.

4. Asparagus

According to many nutritionists, asparagus is one of the best foods for alkalinity. They have a pH that reaches 8.5. Asparagus also delivers antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, water and fiber to the body.

5. Watermelon

Now here’s an example of a fruit that has even higher pH value (9.0). Watermelon is also loaded with minerals, vitamins and water content that preserve the balance of electrolytes in the body. Thanks to this delicious fruit loaded with fiber, you will be able to get rid of toxins too.

6. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper provides numerous benefits and being an excellent source of alkalinity is one of these benefits. This spice known for its antibacterial effects has a 8.5 pH value and enhances blood flow, stabilizes blood pressure, detoxifies the body and enhances cognitive functions.

7. Papaya

Many people use papayas when they have certain digestion issues. These fruits are packed with nutrients like fiber, minerals, vitamins and water content. On top of that, they boost alkalinity in the body too.

8. Broccoli

Broccoli is a very useful food when it comes to alkalization and it is a great source of nutrients and fiber. This cruciferous veggie will keep you sated for a long period of time and support pH balance.

9. Lemons

Even though lemons have acidic taste, from the moment they are consumed and digestion process begins they are converted into an alkalizing food. Feel free to add a slice of lemon in your water or drink one glass of fresh lemon juice a day.

10. Garlic

We all know that many dishes taste much better when we use garlic as a spice. However, only a small number of people know that garlic can reduce the acidic effects of foods like fish, meat, eggs and cheese.

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