9 Essential Oils for Hormonal Imbalance & How to Use Them




The disproportion of the levels of hormones is not typical only for menopause. Women and men feel the consequences of hormonal imbalance. Some of the symptoms that accompany this condition are fatigue, weight gain, mood swings, depression, fertility issues, and insomnia.

In case this health condition is not managed, it can result in serious diseases like diabetes and cancer.

A Modern Problem

It is a well-known fact that two of the most important hormone imbalance triggers (toxic chemicals and stress) are closely related to modern people’s lifestyle and the wrong decisions each of us makes in order to save time and in some cases money.

Numerous studies have confirmed that toxic chemicals can be found in almost everything around us – beauty products, food, water bottles, and even in the air (in our homes and outside). This is one of the reasons why Dr. Theo Colborn, started TEDx. This is an NGO focused on sharing the truth and raising awareness about the negative impact of chemicals on overall health and especially on the endocrine system.

Dr. Colborn has created a list of chemicals that cause problems in the endocrine system. The list has reached more than one thousand toxic compounds identified through scientific studies and what is shocking is that this list is growing each day.

The truth is that people can’t get full control of the toxic chemicals that enter their bodies. However, there are certain changes we can make in order to lower the levels of stress and boost the immune system. In this way, we will be able to avoid the negative effects of dangerous chemicals. In addition to these changes, using essential oils can lead to harmony in the hormonal system too. What we eat is also important for hormone health.

Alternative Treatments and Essential Oils

A natural, holistic approach is definitely the best approach if you want to resolve the hormonal imbalance. A holistic approach means a complete approach not focusing only on certain parts.

Taking care of hormonal imbalance with the help of pharmaceutical drugs can help you with certain imbalances, but in most cases, these drugs will cause some other problems in different areas of the endocrine system. This is where essential oils come into the picture. They are the ideal option for those who want to practice a holistic approach. Happy Healthy Hippie, a professor at the University of Algarve, Portugal, says that essential oils provide strong antioxidant effects that are able to eliminate toxicity.

Essential oils are ideal for both chronic and temporary health problems. A huge number of things that we inhale or consume can trigger what some people call estrogen contamination in the body. In case each of us starts using toxin-free, natural, non-synthetic remedies, we will detoxify the body and strengthen all the bodily systems.

Super-Group of Essential Oils

Are you aware of the fact that there are super essential oils known as adaptogens? Well, these amazing essential oils are one of a kind because these oils have a combination of seemingly conflicting healing effects. For instance, they are soothing and stimulating. In other words, they can adapt to your requirements.

The practice of using adaptogen essential oils is crucial in cases of hormonal imbalance. In these cases, the glands are usually not functioning to the full extent in some systems and they are working too much in other systems. These super essential oils have the ability to harmonize conflicting health conditions without resulting in any additional imbalance or issue, unlike pharmaceutical drugs. If you use them together, combined, you can expect even better results.

Adaptogen Essential Oils for Hormonal Balance

  1. Lavender
  2. Basil
  3. Licorice
  4. Anise
  5. Myrtle
  6. Lemon
  7. Geranium
  8. Clary sage
  9. Lemongrass.

Now let’s see how you can eliminate hormonal imbalance with their help:

Getting Adrenal Balance with The Help of Anise, Lavender, and Basil

The adrenal glands determine our fight against stress. In case you are trying to find a balance between your work, family duties, and other daily activities, you will probably have adrenals that work too hard.

The adrenal glands produce the stress hormone cortisol and this hormone is here to manage the response of our body to stress. It is directly affected by our lifestyle. If we have a good night’s sleep, the adrenal hormone function will be optimized.

If the cortisol levels are not balanced that we can expect some of these things:

  • being energetic late at night or waking up in the middle of the night
  • constant feeling of fatigue even if there is nothing wrong with your sleep
  • food and sugar cravings
  • not being able to cope with stress calmly
  • losing mental sharpness.

Basil essential oil boost the natural response of the body to emotional/mental and physical stress and improves our health in general.

A scientific study revealed in the Complementary and Alternative Medicine journal focused on the impact of taking basil extracts on a daily basis has shown some amazing results. Both male and female participants have taken basic extracts each day for about six weeks. About 40% of participants experienced reduced effects of stress symptoms like sleep issues, fatigue, and memory problems.

Basil is highly recommended for individuals who feel tired both physically and mentally and people who need rejuvenation and increasing strength.

Furthermore, basil essential oil eases feelings of fatigue and anxiety. Just massage your adrenal gland point at the ear or the tragus to be more precise (this is actually the cartilage located right above the ear lobe) or the forearms with a few drops of premium quality organic basil essential oil in order to restore harmony and balance in the adrenals.

There is no doubt that modern life is complicated and very demanding. The most important thing about adrenal balance is to get more time for relaxation and proper sleep. You can boost the quality of sleep with the help of lavender essential oil aromatherapy.

A scientific study conducted at the Wesleyan University in Connecticut has shown that the use of lavender oil for aroma-therapeutic purposes has boosted the amount of restorative, deep, calming sleep in both women and men. Create a lavender essential oil and water mist, pour it in a sprayer, and spray this remedy on the pillow right before you go to sleep. You will trigger deep and proper sleep. In addition, pour some anise essential oil into this mixture if you want to increase the effects.

Thyroid Issues and Licorice, Lemongrass and Myrtle

The ATA (American Thyroid Association) has recently shared some shocking statistics. They claim that more than 20 million adult Americans are dealing with some type of thyroid disease or disorder and more than 60% don’t know that they actually have such a problem. As we all know, the thyroid manages some very important bodily functions like metabolism and temperature management. If the thyroid function is disrupted we will notice symptoms like:

  • Dry skin and dry hair
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Sudden weight loss or weight gain
  • Heat or cold shifting.

Myrtle essential oil is a strong adaptogen that has the ability to boost the activity of the thyroid gland. According to Dr. Daniel Penoel, who is an expert in this area, myrtle oil can naturally restore the hormonal balance of ovaries and thyroid in any situation.

Put a couple of drops of this oil on the big toe and start massaging the reflexology point close to the foot’s base right under the big toe. This is where the thyroid is located. Obviously, you can use myrtle essential oil right under Adam’s apple too.

Essential oils have the ability to go through skin membranes fast. A scientific study performed by experts at the University of Vienna, Austria (the Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry) has shown that essential oils, or their healing structures to be more precise, are released into the bloodstream just five minutes after we rub them on the skin.

If you want to get better results for the thyroid, you should mix myrtle oil and lemongrass essential oil or simply use them separately on different days.

In addition, licorice is a very strong, natural antidepressant. In order to eliminate thyroid imbalance signs and symptoms including depression and fatigue, put a couple of licorice essential oil drops on the hands and rub them like you are trying to warm up yourself. Breathe in the warm and pleasant smell to improve your mood.

Balance in The Ovaries with The Help of Geranium, Clary Sage, and Lemon

Menopause and menstruation are two completely natural processes that can’t be avoided. However, certain side effects that these processes bring can be eliminated. The ovaries create progesterone and estrogen hormones and when there is an imbalance among these hormones, women experience some of these things:

Begin the day with quick and easy liver detoxification in order to resolve hormonal imbalances. The liver regulates many hormones including estrogen.

A scientific study from the Netherlands has shown that the substances and compounds found in lemon peels which are one of the main elements of lemon essential oil can boost liver activities including hormone management by reducing the levels of cholesterol in the liver.

Furthermore, clary sage is an herb used for hundreds of years to heal the symptoms we have mentioned before. This herb is very useful not just for harmonizing the levels of hormones, but also to ease the pain. Take a few drops and dilute them in almond essential oil. After that, massage the ankles with this mixture on a daily basis. In case you are experiencing painful menstrual cramps, you can massage the ovary area and the stomach with this mixture to soothe the pain. In order to get better results, pour some geranium essential oil into this mixture.

Those who want to ease PMS and other similar discomforts can pour a couple of drops of geranium and clary sage in a warm bath and soak in it for a while.

The fact is that essential oils provide a safe, holistic, and natural way to heal hormonal imbalances. Just like in the case of any other new health practice, you should talk to an expert in this area before you start and do all these things slowly. With the help of these nine incredible essential oils, you will be able to achieve perfect hormonal balance and improve your mind, spirit, and body.

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