8 Wondrous Plants to Keep Mosquitoes Away




There are plenty of us who enjoy sitting in our gardens or balconies during the hot summer days and cool summer nights. But, nothing is perfect, and in this case, it is those pesky bloodsuckers who are out to get us and ruin our relaxation time.

No, we don’t mean vampires. We mean mosquitoes and their relentless pursuit of having a meal on our skin. And since the summer weather is plenty hot as it is, covering yourself from head to toe for protection is certainly not the best idea to come to mind.

So what then, just suffer in silence? Of course not! Have no fear, dear readers; we would like to provide you with a list of 8 plants that are extremely useful for many things, one of which is, yes, protecting us from mosquitoes.

Other than keeping the mosquitoes at bay, planting them or having them around in a pot only adds more beauty to your surroundings since they are pretty to look at too. Mosquito-repellent abilities and aesthetics?

What more can a person ask for in a plant? Give any (or all) of these plants a try and be amazed at the mosquito-free zone you are getting.

1. Lavender

Everyone has already been praising lavender for its aid in getting a good night’s sleep. Well here is another thing it is useful for. This pretty plant has a wonderful scent for us humans, but to the senses of bugs like mosquitoes, flies, and fleas…not so much.

Which only spells good news for us, of course. You can also put some lavender (in dried form) in satchels and place them in your clothes drawers. That way you are deterring the nasty pests on the go!

2. Garlic

You might laugh at the notion and mental image that has appeared in your head, but we assure you, we kid you not. It would seem there was some truth in the old legends of keeping vampires away with garlic.

Well, these may not be the same ‘bloodsuckers’, but the effect is the same. Who knows, maybe this is where the myth originated from in the first place? So don’t hesitate and plant some garlic or keep it in pots around your outdoor area.

3. Lemon Balm

It is a very green plant that has a bit of a lemony scent mixed with a minty tinge to it. Hence the name. The great news is that this plant not only keeps mosquitoes away but also attracts pleasant bug varieties, such as bees or butterflies.

You can also use this natural repellent on your skin by crushing some lemon balm leaves and rubbing the oil directly on your skin. Another great news that makes this plant so fantastic is that it is really easy to maintain because it is resistant to drought.

One small piece of cautionary advice though: this plant has a rather invasive tendency, so make sure not to let it overtake your garden. We all know there can be ‘too much of a good thing’, after all.

4. Peppermint

Its name says it all – it has a minty scent. It is exactly this scent that bothers members of the creepy-crawly clan, such as ants and, naturally, mosquitoes. An added bonus is that the mice don’t like this particular scent either.

5. Marigolds

Even if this gorgeous flower didn’t possess any benefits, one might still want to have it around for its sheer beauty. Luckily for you, other than its loveliness, it is also beneficial. Don’t you just love two-in-one deals? We know we sure do.

A study had discovered that the oil extracted from this flower can protect you from those nasties for hours on end. But it also repels other bugs, such as squash bugs, Mexican bean beetles, and tomato hornworms.

6. Rosemary

This plant is absolutely ideal for growing in places where the climate is usually hot. In fact, the New York Botanical Garden has even recommended it, praising it for its mosquito-repellant properties.

But it is also useful for keeping flies and moths away. Other than garden decoration, you can add it as a seasoning to your food as well!

7. Basil

It is very popular in Italian cuisine. But adding extra flavor to meals is not the only thing this herb is good for. Thanks to their strong-smelling nature, mosquitoes are sure to keep their distance. Just make sure to plant the basil with good drainage and lots of water and sunlight.

Best to keep it near your relaxing area or the border of your garden or balcony.

8. Geranium

Colorful and pretty, they are most certainly a wise choice for any gardener, even those who don’t deal with mosquito problems. But for the ones of you who do, this can definitely offer you a helping hand.

They have a faint lemony scent, much like that of citronella. Even if they work best in warm weather, planting them in a pot will also do the trick.

Well, happy planting everyone! So can add all, or at least some of these wondrous plants and breathe freely the whole summer round!

Source: Gardening Tips | Medium | Natural Living Ideas | Garden Design

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